20+ Best Pebble Watch Apps 2016 – Supercharge Your Pebble!

20+ Best Pebble Watch Apps 2017 – Supercharge Your Pebble!

Since the first Pebble Watch launched in 2012, the company behind the popular smartwatch has rode wave after wave of success. It all began with one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns, where the project raised $10 million and fundraising had to be closed early. In 2015, they held another Kickstarter campaign for Pebble Time, which topped out at $20 million, with $1 million being raised in a record-breaking 49 minutes.

The company, Pebble Technology Corporation, has sold over one million Smartwatches to date. A simple easy-to-use interface, extraordinarily long battery life and affordable pricing have contributed to the huge popularity of Pebble watches.

Another factor that has been of big help is the availability of Pebble Watch apps. Currently, there are more than a thousand apps available on the Pebble app store with most being free. Here is our selection of the best. Note that most of these apps are in color and will not work with the original monochrome Pebble Watch. They are developed for the Pebble Time, Pebble Time Steel and Pebble Time Round.

Below you’ll find a list of the best Pebble Watch apps – feel free to add others we may have left out in the comments below.

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Best Pebble Watch Apps 2017

1. Pebble Health

Pebble Health, best pebble watch appsPebble Health is both a fitness tracking platform and app. It is the best app if you are looking for an all-round solution to track your health and fitness using your Pebble Smartwatch. To set up, you need to open the companion Pebble mobile app and enter various health settings. On the mobile app, you can also choose which health services – Apple Health or Google Fit – to sync to.

Once it is up and running, Pebble Health will keep track of your daily activity and sleep metrics with metrics such as number of hours slept and step count.

2. Maptastic

peabble apps maptasticIt is hard to imagine a map on the fairly small screen of a Pebble Time or Time Steel, but Maptastic does it. The app sources maps from a variety of sources including Google Maps, OpenStreetMap and Bing among others. This ensures that you get the best location information.

You can pan a map to see a large area, zoom to narrow down to a specific point and track your real time location. The app has a simple to use interface that you can control through the buttons on the sides of the watch.

For example, long pressing the up button brings up your current location address.
You can change distance units, map source and map labels.

3. Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor for Pebble makes it easy to find hotels, bars, restaurants and various attractions near you. The app uses your current location to make recommendations. You can read customer reviews right on the watch.

Once you get the perfect place to visit, just switch to navigation mode and you will be directed toward your destination without the need to get your phone out of your pocket.

This is a great app for Pebble users who are on the road often.

4. Pixel Miner

pixel minerIf you find yourself bored waiting for the bus or in a queue, salvation is right there on your wrist in the form of the absolutely addictive Pixel Miner. The aim is to dig as fast and as hard as you can for pixels. Not much to it, but it’s hard to let go once you start digging.

It is one of those “nonsensical” games you will hate for their addictive lure.

The game was already available for the first Pebble Watch but was updated with full color for Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel.

5. Runkeeper

This is one of the most popular fitness tracking apps, not just on Pebble but also on many other platforms as well including Apple Watch and the iPhone.

To start using Runkeeper on your Pebble, you must first connect the watch to your Smartphone via Bluetooth. You will be directed on how to configure the watch through the phone.

Runkeeper only works when the watch is connected, meaning you have to carry your phone with you on your runs or rides. You can only start or end (and save) an activity from the phone. On the watch, you can view live stats, pause an activity and control music playback.

6. Music Boss

The default Pebble music app is all right but Music Boss powers up your smartwatch media experience even higher. The Android-only app gives you access to a range of features including remote media control from your Pebble smartwatch, album art display for media playing on your phone, media progress display and launching of your current music app from your watch.

Music Boss is the best way to take control of your music and audio on your Android Phone through your Pebble Smartwatch. It can be especially helpful when you are working out or traveling and don’t want to keep fiddling with your phone.

7. Snowy

SnowySnowy sounds like a handy weather app for your Pebble smartwatch but actually, it does everything. It is a virtual personal assistant designed to help you make your life much easier.

Using the app, you can set reminders, translate other languages, IFTTT control for your smart home devices, get weather forecasts and keep up with the latest sports scores.

The app costs $2.99.

8. My Bus

My Bus is one of the several Pebble-compatible apps that can help you figure out public transit. My Bus keeps you updated with accurate arrival times for various bus routes. It works with more than 60 US and Canadian public transit regions.

If you live in or are travelling to the Netherlands or Belgium, Next Train helps you stay aware of train arrival and departure times. For those in the UK, UK Transport has plenty of information of buses and train departure times at the stations closest to you.

If you are in Melbourne, Australia, TramFinder shows you the nearest Tram stations and departure times.

Other Transit apps for Pebble include nextbuses for the Singapore bus network, Slebble for public transit in Sweden, Bike Sharing for numerous cities across the world.

9. Misfit

Misfit is another must-have health and fitness app for your Pebble Time, Time Round and Time Steel. Misfit turns your Pebble smartwatch into a 24/7 activity and sleep monitor. It can be used with both iOS and Android phones.

On your watch screen, the app will show you the number of steps you have taken and progress toward your daily goal. You can also view a 7-day history with trophies for those days you beat your set goal.

The sleep-tracking feature monitors how long and well you have slept. It will tell you the number of hours you have been asleep as well as the lengths of individual sleep cycles. As with activity tracking, you can view your 7-day history with trophy rewards for those nights you did particularly well.

10. Awear

awearAwear is the best way to stay connected using your Pebble smartwatch. It goes far beyond the default communication options provided by the smartwatch. You can receive texts and replay to them in a single click. You can read, delete, star or archive emails. It also brings you daily and weekly weather forecasts.

Even better, you can set Awear as your watch face for easier and faster communication.

11. Uber

You can now access the ultra popular ride hailing service right from your wrist. On your Pebble smartwatch, you can summon an Uber, track its progress towards your location and access a host of other information right from the watch.

You can even access your ride history without having to take out your phone. Uber for Pebble comes with a customized design made specifically for the small screen.

Alternatively, you can use Pebble Transport (free app) to summon an Uber to where you are.

12. Glance

This is one of the essential apps anyone with a Pebble really should have. The Glance app brings everything together under one umbrella. It brings you SMS and email notifications and you can quickly respond to text messages.

Use it as a watch face and you can get the current weather, transit times, stock market status and lots more information at just a glance. You can even launch other Pebble apps from this app.

Glance is the app that helps you get the best from your smartwatch. If you are just starting out with Pebble, make this the first app you download.

13. ESPN

For the Pebble Time, ESPN comes in a crisp colorful display to help you stay ahead of sports times and scores. You can get live scores for games that are currently being played, get game highlights and track scores for the day.

The ESPN app includes baseball, basketball, football and many other popular sports. For sports lovers anywhere, or if you simply want to keep up with your favorite team, this is a must-have app on your Pebble smartwatch.

14. Powernoter

There was once an Evernote app for Pebble. Unfortunately, in January this year, Evernote decided to end support for the Pebble app along with other standalone apps. That means that Evernote is no longer available for download on Pebble.

Powernoter is a very similar alternative to Evernote. In fact, it will connect to your Evernote database, where you can search for notes by voice. You can view your past notes, check off your to-do list and add reminders to a specific note.

If you love Evernote, Powernoter is the best way to stay connected to your favorite app on the Pebble smartwatch.

15. PayPal

Quick cash-less and card-less payments have become popular with the launch of services like Apple Pay. PayPal has partnered with Pebble to introduce yet another alternative to quick contactless payments at your favorite stores.

You just need to log in and then payment will be as swipe-quick. On the downside, you need to have your Smartphone paired up to get the PayPal app on Pebble to work.

16. Toggles for Pebble

Toggles Toggles for Pebble is an easy way to switch on/off various setting on your Smartphone. The various settings you can toggle include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Tethering, data synchronization, brightness, volume (silent, loud and vibrate modes) and flashlight.

It is essentially a super convenient way to remotely control settings on your Smartphone. Currently, the apps seems to be available only for Android users and costs $1.55. It is one of the several toggle apps available for Pebble but it has the most toggle options.

If you are a Pebble beginner this is one of the essential apps we recommend.

17. Battery+

Battery+Battery+ is the app to help you understand and take control of your Pebble’s battery life. The app will tell you how much battery you have left, and this includes the percentage and approximate time.

The app will also tell you when the watch was last charged and estimate the next time it needs plugging in. Over time, the app will collect data and show you when you are using battery power the most and the average amount of power used every day.

In an age where most of us feel lost if we are not constantly connected to our devices, being able to manage your battery life is an essential feature.

18. Locker

Locker makes it easier to access your locked phone while also adding an extra level of protection. When the smartwatch and phone are connected, you can bypass the lock screen, eliminating the need to keep entering your password or swipe your secret pattern. When disconnected, the lock screen goes back to its normal pin/pattern mode.

19. Tiny Bird

Available for both Android and iOS users, Tiny Bird is very similar to the popular game, Flappy Bird. It was too bad that Flappy Bird was pulled, but you can enjoy its clone on your tiny Pebble screen.

It’s lots of fun and quite the addiction. Other games to check out include Blocks, Mr. Runner and MiniDungeon.

20. City Journey

City Journey is an all encompassing transit app designed for use in major metropolitan cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, London and New York. Using the app, you can track your transit, find the best routes to take and stay updated on bus and train departure times.

Getting the Best out of Your Pebble

Through all the versions released since 2013, Pebble has always been based on the principle of simplicity and practical functionality. It is not the most stylish smartwatch in the market but it does what it promises to do. The above starter apps will ensure that you get the most out of your Pebble smartwatch.

Which apps are your favorites? Leave your comments below.
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