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19 Best Moto 360 Apps - You'll Definitely Need These

19 Best Moto 360 Apps – You’ll Definitely Need These

Moto 360 is undeniably a good-looking and functionally excellent smartwatch. But do you ever ask yourself why the little timepiece cost a whole $300? Well, to some extent it’s absolutely logical to feel you have been mugged if you are forced to part with more than $200 to obtain a wearable device. Moto 360 can comfortably fall into that bracket but not until you realise how much the tiny frame can accommodate. That’s basically what is being sold to you for the extra pounds: the vast range of apps it’s compatible with. Unfortunately, apropos that, Android Wear hasn’t evolved enough to service your Moto 360 singlehandedly, meaning you still need apps from third party sources to optimise the watch’s utility. We have compiled a list of some of the best Moto 360 apps and what we consider as must-haves.

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Moto 360 price when reviewed: $179.99



Best Moto 360 Apps

1. Task ManagerBest-apps-for-moto360

While the unsophisticated-as-can-be Android Wear can barely multitask, you can use the Task Manager app to manage running apps.

Available for free, the app displays all open apps and gives you the option to close some or all of them without necessarily visiting each separately.

You may however not be able to manage some apps using the Task Manger but that it simply because some of them have been set to run continuously.

2. Coffee SMS

Coffee best moto 360 app android wearThe watch comes with a built-in voice recognition functionality which may prove quite handy in quick message replies until, well, when you will find yourself in a meeting or public place.

Coffee SMS takes that awkwardness away by letting you reply to urgent messages by simply tapping on one of the numerous preset instant messages.

It also lets you type your short messages manually.

It is available for free.

3. FlickKey Keyboard

Available for $1, the FlickKey keyboard reminisces the beauty of the start of the century by letting you type messages using just eight keys each bearing more than one letter and symbol.

It supports word prediction and completion to better your texting and browsing experience and is compatible with various messaging apps that are supported in the Moto 360.

If you are thinking of installing Coffee SMS, the FlickKey keyboard would be a nice investment to accompany it with.

Buy it

4. Sleep as Android

philips-hue-light-bulb-huelightbulbSleep as Android brings out the sleep tracker in your Moto 360.

It helps you track your sleep cycles, detects snoring and sleep-talking and sports the smart alarm feature which detects your sleep status and wakes you up when it’s appropriate with subtle buzzes on your wrist.

As an added bonus, it is compatible with the Philips Smart bulbs which you can set to light when it’s time to wake up according to your smartwatch.

5. Calendar


The essence of a calendar in your smartwatch is plain common sense.

For your Moto 360, the free Calendar for Android Wear is just but the best option there is.

It displays in the traditional month view mode and lets you switch between months by swiping right or left.

A feature you may find interesting is its ability to automatically sync with your phone’s calendar and obtain a copy of all your events so that you can be able to view them from your smartwatch.

6. Calculator

With the Calculator for Android Wear app, you have one more reason to not reach for your phone at work.

Be it in the supermarket or just anywhere where this app is necessary – which is the idea behind obtaining a smartwatch in the first place.

It has both the basic and scientific functionalities which you can toggle between by swiping right or left, and has a voice recognition functionality.

7. Doodle Note

If you don’t fancy using voice command or the tiny keyboard for input, Doodle Note lets you type your messages by simply squiggling on the screen.

You may however find navigating the tiny screen with your huge fingers a problem, but that may as well apply with the other two input options.

Doodle Note is pretty accurate, on the whole, and can be quite helpful if you find a way to manoeuvre the screen.

8. Apps2Wear

apps2wear-android-wearRegardless of the fact that Moto 360 runs on Android, the OS still lets you download APKs from third party developers using the App2Wear app.

There is basically no app you can’t download into your watch armed with Apps2Wear.

The only snag, perhaps, is the fact that some of those third party apps don’t have versions specifically designed for the Moto’s miniature screen.

Some of them may actually force stop while others will simply not display well enough to be useful.

Warning: you’ll need to root your smartphone for this app to work

9. Wear Camera Remote

wear camera remoteTired of selfie sticks already?

Thanks to the Wear Camera Remote, you may not find them necessary anymore.

This app makes your Moto 360 a wireless control of your smartphone’s camera; it lets you switch between the front and rear lenses, activate self-timer (you may not be able to set self-timer duration, though), turn flash on and off and take snaps.

It may not be really as sophisticated as some of the existing options out there but it’s basically the best for your Moto 360.

You can install it for free.

10. Photo gallery for Android Wear

Your smartwatch’s screen may be the tiniest display you’ve ever come across but it’s still the closest thing to a smartphone there is right now.

Using the Photo Gallery for Android Wear app, you can view all the photos and albums in your smartphone right from your wrist.

It supports high resolution view and even lets you pinch to zoom the photos just like in your smartphone.

You can also share with other devices using Bluetooth or on social media without opening your phone, as well as delete photos right as you browse through the folders in view mode.

You can choose between these two versions of the app: the free one which lets you view a maximum of 50 photos on your Moto 360 or the full version which has no such restriction but comes at a price.

11. Wear Mini Launcher

If you’re having enough of the unnecessary complexity in your Moto 360 already, an app called Mini Launcher knows it.

The app completely overhauls your watch’s interface and makes it easier and quicker to find different apps and features.

It improves the interactivity of the OS as it lets you tweak the watch face, the icons and app drawer and as well as have a say in what you want your watch to look like by offering you the option to customise toggles, icons, colours, layout etc.

12. WatchMaker Watch Face  http-i-imgur-com-pzzlixe

Even without the Wear Mini Launcher, you can still customise your Moto 360’s watch faces using the specialised WatchMaker Watch Face app.

Just like the Play Store, the app sports loads of watch faces besides the unique ability to let you create one that suits your taste.

It also lets you choose among the tens of info options to display in your watch face including heart rate, weather, compass, tasker, countdowns, stopwatch etc.

13. Evernote

evernote-moto360You probably have the smartphone version of Evernote on your phone but trust me it’s worthwhile having it on your Moto 360 as well.

The app not only helps you check your schedules and notes right from your wrist but also lets you write your notes directly on the watch.

What’s even more exciting is that you can sync the app with your phone such that whatever you are writing on your watch gets recorded in real time on the mobile app as well.

This means you can start writing a note on your phone and finish off the work later on the watch. The app is available for free.

14. Video for Android Wear

Turns out you can watch videos on your Moto 360 as well?

Well, with the Video for Android Wear, yes.

You can watch downloaded and recorded videos on your phone’s gallery or stream from YouTube using voice commands.

The app also supports Bluetooth connectivity to speakers or headphones but also lets you cast videos through Chromecast.

The full version is even better with an option to let you choose YouTube videos by channel, and many more exciting features. It comes at a cost however.

15. IF by IFTTT

iftttIF by IFTTT is an app that lets you create shortcuts to actions that you do most frequently.

It doesn’t work the same way as the conventional “Shortcut Key” on your smartphone, though; this one lets you manipulate the different apps on your Moto 360 to create completely new actions that can be completed using simple swipes and taps.

If for example you are fond of checking your to-do list, you can create a “recipe” that will let the feature appear every time you tap on your watch from sleep mode.

16. Strava

strava android wearSince wearable tech went mainstream a few years ago, fitness apps have become among the most common in the Play Store. We all know what follows when there is too much competition among developers.

While there are lots of fitness apps out there including Motorola’s own Moto Body, the one that we think goes best with Android Wear is Strava.

It lets your watch work just as good as a specialised fitness tracker and even syncs with a smartphone companion of it which you can install for free. You can thus decide to view your health data in real time on your watch or later in detail on your smartphone app.

The two apps work in such refined synchrony that you can start tracing an activity in the watch and stop it in the phone or vice versa.

The app is available for free but some of its features are only available with premium subscriptions, which come at approximately $6 per month.

17. Mini Dialer

mini-dialer-android-wear-moto-360Available for less than $2, Mini Dialer lets you make quick calls without necessarily having to reach for your phone.

It lets you dial any one of the synchronised contacts from your Moto 360, communicate through speakerphone and end calls right through the same button.

This may really come in handy when you are travelling and have kept your phone in a bag or something, or has the kind of job that engages both your hands.

18. Wear Internet Browser

Just like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox is for mobile, Wear Internet Browser is for smartwatch. It lets you do anything you want with your watch as long as you have mobile data or Wi-Fi connected.

You can use the watch’s built-in Keyboard or use voice command to enter searches. It has the back button, lets you view your browsing history, supports pinch zooming and provides you with the option to save pages as favourites and bookmarks. Basically, it has everything your phone’s browser sports, only in a smaller screen.

19. Wear Audio Recorder

The Wear Audio Recorder utilises your Moto’s built-in microphone to facilitate audio recording.

No mobile version of it has been released yet but still you can transfer your recordings into Google Drive or Dropbox whence you can download them to your phone.

The app may prove quite handy if you want to record your environment slyly as it doesn’t even need your watch’s screen to be on to function.




With all of these installed and up and running, you may actually come to realise that £200 for the Moto 360 is not overstated and if anything, a bargain. It virtually replaces your smartphone, and would have well and truly rendered it useless only that you can’t use it to make voice calls independently, take pictures and videos, play games or even just view the apps in full size.

There are hundreds of other smartwatch apps out there – some even better in terms of interface and comprehensiveness, but very few are built with the Moto 360 in mind. These right here are the best Moto 360 apps you can stuff into your shiny smartwatch without having to adjust too much  for them to fit in.

How many of them have you installed or which ones do you think are worth a try? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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