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Best Google Watch 2017 - Top 10 Smartwatches for Android
Best Google Watch 2016 – Top 10 Smartwatches for Android, LG Wach Urbane

Best Google Watch 2017 – Top 10 Smartwatches for Android

Best Google Watch 2016

If you are reading this, then you might be over the Google Watch vs. Apple Watch platforms debate. But just to recap, a lot is going on for the Android Wear watches right now, which is more than Apple’s first generation, Apple Watch, can even comprehend.

Now, at the heart of it, all Google Wear smartwatches offer little or any differences at all in software and general use, and hardware and design may be the primary differentiating factor. Which is the best android smart watch that money can buy right now? We’ve compared the Android Wear lot, and these are the best Google Watches 2017 to sport on your wrist.

1. LG G Watch R W110

LG G Watch R Google WatchLooks – Check. Features – Check. Comfy – Check. Is this the best Android smart watch yet? Check.

This 11.4mm thin (later) alternative to the original G Watch, has the “it” factor, enough to blow both the Android Wear and Apple Watch garages off a best smartwatch reviews platform in one mighty sweep. With its sleek, rounded frame, and crisp clear 1.3-inch P-OLED (320×320 pixels) display, the G Watch R W110 also looks the part. The IF Design Award 2015 it scooped wasn’t for nothing, no.

That handsome, and rather mature look is also water resistant and is IP67 certified—just shy of the IP68 on the Sony Smartwatch 3 and LG Watch Urbane, which makes those ideal for a swim. But it is completely dustproof and holds its guard for up to 30 minutes against water at up to 1-metre depth.

Scroll about this Google Watch’s innards and you’ll find a practical heart rate monitor for the health-conscious, a barometer for altitude, a compass for direction and other sensors such as a gyro and accelerometer. The Watch R goes full circle to provide social updates, traffic notifications and other relevant alerts at a glance wherever, whenever.

All that is run by a power-packed Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 (1.2 GHz) processor. A good 512 MB of RAM successfully keeps things running in tandem pretty smoothly. Around the back, the 410mAh battery is good for a two-day spin, which is just about right.

In short, wherever the 225 £ LG G Watch R shows up, no other Android Wear product or the Apple Watch tops the list. It is that simple. | Buy on Amazon

2. Moto 360 2 (2015 Edition)

Moto 360 2 (2015 Edition) Google WatchHot on the G Watch R heels is the original Moto 360 successor. It is hot, has all the right specs, and is one of the best and most customisable Android Wear smartwatch on offer yet.

The Moto 360 2 still sports the flat tyre display. But like that or not, the Moto Maker will have you stuck in a customisation rut as you try on the various straps, colours, features, and what have you. Furthermore, the 2nd Gen Moto Watch supports iOS natively, that is iOS 8.2 and later in addition to Android 4.3 and up smartphones.

42mm vs. 46mm Version

Scroll around this Google Watch and the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 (1.2 GHz) Quad-Core CPU comes to life. Then you will testify for sure that the Adreno 305, 405MHz GPU is a winner. Well, the sharp details that pop off the Moto 360 2 displays are partly to credit the 1.37-inch (360x325pixels), 263 ppi, P-OLED display. That’s for the 42mm version. The 46mm version comes spiced up with a 1.56-inch, (360×330 pixels), 233ppi display for crisp viewership. The Moto 360 2 is worth every penny for its 229£ (VAT included) price tag.

Offline music integration means you don’t need your smartphone to listen to your favourite tunes from the onboard 4GB storage capacity. Also, this Google Watch doesn’t need your phone to connect to Wi-Fi, and still sports one of the most accurate heart rate sensors on Android Wear World. GPS is missing though the Moto 360 Sport will surely compensate for that if you must have GPS tracking enabled. | Buy on Amazon

3. LG Watch Urbane Google Watch

LG Watch Urbane, Android WearLG Electronics’ deluxe and dress-up version of the G Watch R is the cool of the range. Want to slap it on your wrist using a stainless steel, or leather watchband strap, or throw on silver, or gold, or rose gold version? Your choice. It is all swappable for something more personal. This pretty, shiny thing screws the understated mannerism of the G Watch R Google Watch and brings the bling to Android Wear.

You can intuitively have Google Now ping you with all manner of alerts and reminders, get directions, read and send text, as well as browse your playlists on a platform such as Spotify. A glance at your wrist and the LG Watch Urbane mesmerises you back thanks to that crisp, bright, 1.3-inch, P-OLED display atop the always-on screen. And with 410mAh of battery life, you’ll almost hit two days enjoying that view on a single charge.

The Urbane’s main highlight though is in its ability to connect remotely to your smartphone over Wi-Fi, something that even the Apple Watch can only envy at this moment. Also, Urbane supports the latest version of Android Wear OS, so you’d be up-to-date with new gestures, power management and other tweaks for about 234£—or less depending on where you buy it.In 2016, the follow-up LG Watch Urbane 2 is bringing calls, 3G/4G connectivity and a larger 570mAh battery to the wrist, and stylishly so. | Buy on Amazon

4. Sony Smartwatch 3

Sony Smartwatch 3What is the most annoying little habit any smartwatch has? You got it, yes; Battery life. Every one is a mess except for Sony’s last iteration of the Sony Smartwatch (and the Pebble). The SW3 packs the biggest power plant on Google Watch at 430mAh, enough to easily run things up to two full days. Considering the SW3 also happens to sport one of the largest LCD displays on Android Wear World (1.6 inches with 320x320pixels), we could use the extra mAh.

Sony’s best smartwatch yet is IP68-certified, meaning taking a deep in water for up to 5 metres and up to 30 minutes is a swimmers’ dream become reality. It is also transflective; though the display won’t win any awards in a Best-Looking Category, you can comfortably read notifications off the 1.6-inch screen without backlighting, also thanks to the ambient light function built-in.

And the internals are not sloppy either. The Sony Smartwatch 3 is also the only Android Wear smartwatch to feature standalone GPS. That means, despite missing a heart rate monitor (why, oh, why), runners and regular globetrotters alike can track their movements and see all about it via the accompanying phone app. Otherwise, you don’t need your phone for GPS tracking. Just do it right of the SW3.

From 189.99 £ (again, depends on where you shop), the best Sony smart watch yet is yours for taking. The next generation SW4 is rumoured to be bringing a heart rate sensor, bigger and better screen and all of Android Wear update to the best Android smartwatch contender ship in 2016.

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5. Huawei Watch

Huawei WatchThe exquisite design, high-quality build, and pricey tag of the Huawei Watch are things you wouldn’t miss, not even in dim light conditions.

But what we like most is that IOS compatibility it has. Feel free to use the Huawei Watch with your iPhone, any day, anytime, as well as you would with Android. Although, thanks to in-built Wi-Fi connectivity, you’ll not need your phone to connect to a Wi-Fi network, something we’ve seen with the Watch Urbane and Sony Smartwatch 3—a good thing.

The real 360-degree visual, AMOLED, 1.4-inch (400×400 pixels, 285ppi) wrist wearable, is no doubt spectacular. We noticed that this Google Watch packed all of the LG G Watch R specs including storage capacity, processor and RAM features. But one-ups the latter with a sapphire–crystal front and sleek stainless steel build, making it all the more adorable.

The most expensive (regular) smart watch in the world yet, also packs a heart rate monitor, but which isn’t as practical as the 329£ (metal strap model) price it goes for would have you believe. But the magnetic charging function is a refreshing addition though you will need to check if your device’s metallic attachments are well attached.

Huawei’s stunning smart watch also adds an accelerometer and barometer for altitude measurement, as well as includes Bluetooth 4.1 for connecting to your Android smartphone fast. Fitness gurus will no doubt love it that the timepiece is compatible with Jawbone Up straps, Google Fit and that the unit comes with Huawei’s fitness platform, Daily tracking. We just hope GPS tracking makes it to the next Huawei Watch to complete the runners’ checklist.

Overall, the inaugural Huawei smart watch well builds and will run for at least a day and a half before spilling its battery empty, which seems like the standard single-charge last time for most smart watches on sale right now. But only if you must, then wait for the next Huawei Watch offering. | Buy on Amazon

6. Moto 360 Google Watch

Moto 360The first Motorola smartwatch is a legend. Period. Even the mighty LG G Watch R and Urbane took some cues from this full-circle, flat-tyre design—hence the “360”—luxuriously done timepiece.

With a 410mAh battery, you can enjoy the well-crafted and ingenious Google watch for well over a day on a single charge. So what do you get to spend that precious time on, well, apart from that sultry finish?

As is the case with the Moto 360 2 above, you can easily customise the smart watch to be as individual as you are. Notable features include wireless charging, heart rate monitoring, round front crowned with a large 1.5-inch (320x320pixels). Also, the keys here are the good-enough battery life and a bunch of other sensors, that are pretty on point, we must add. The intelligent watch still holds its own even against its newer siblings–the Moto 360 Sport and Moto 360 2. | Buy on Amazon

7. Asus ZenWatch 2

Asus ZenWatch 2, Google WearThe original Asus ZenWatch aside, the 2nd generation 1.6-inch, ZenWatch is by a jump (of course, ideologically), one of the best all-rounded Android smartwatches money can buy right now. Here are just a few reasons why.

On top of new Android Wear 1.4 tweaks, the Smart Assistant app enables you to read more content from, say, emails. While direct messaging with emojis just got a splash of new paint thanks to the ZenWatch Message functionality bundled on here. If those other Google watches don’t fit, the Asus 2 surely will. Similar to the Apple Watch, the ZenWatch 2 comes in two strap versions; the (49x41mm) 22mm one, and the (45x37mm) 18mm. Both are universally ideal for men and women, respectively—further stretching the original ZenWatch unisex appeal.

You will find a better ambient light sensor, better heart rate monitor that automatically does its job without you prompting it, and a better battery life than in the original Asus ZenWatch—not to mention better than most smartwatches for Android. | Buy on Amazon

8. Tag Heuer Connected

Sneak a glance at the Tag Heuer Connected Smartwatch only once, and you will indeed catch its four traits in a split second: Delicious. Slick. Mesmeric. Expensive. That is what the debut Tag Heuer smartwatch is all about. Well, and a bit more. It is Swiss made, literally and metaphorically.

The build quality is unquestionably top notch. And the 48mm, crystal sapphire front proves it. It has 1.5-inch, 240ppi screen—good enough. Get this too: the watch itself is build entirely out of grade 2 titanium, which also resists fingerprint smears like a cat does to flies.

If you are up for splashing $1,500 (~1,100 GBP) on a wrist wearable that can single-handedly upgrade your wardrobe, the Tag Heuer is your best smartwatch for Android. With Intel’s Atom CPU turning things under the hood, this polished Google watch is good to power all that Android Wear can throw at it.

But GPS is missing, and the battery life is not as impressive as the price though, compared to other Google watches. Plus at its price, we’d expect a heart rate sensor. But then again, who wants to go running with a $1500 piece of tech strapped to their wrist. Despite it being dust and water resistant (IP67), I wouldn’t.

Sport the Tag Heuer on that wrist, and the thing to worry about the most will be how not to intimidate the rest of the world wherever you walk into or is it pass by. Hopefully, you don’t care about the $8,900 Breitling Exospace B55 smartwatch that only pilots can afford. | Buy on Amazon

9. Fossil Q54 Pilot

Fossil Q54 PilotUnveiled at CES 2016 is the latest and most advanced Q series Fossil smartwatch yet. If you like your smartwatch health-orientated, the Q54 Pilot features calories burnt monitoring, steps tracking, and vibrations for notifications, alerts, and reminders. A bunch of sensors line up here. We like the stainless steel build, which feels great on the wrist and looks good too. With its price starting at $175 after its spring 2016 release, it can feel like a steal. But here’s why it doesn’t.

The Q54 Pilot does not have a digital display. Instead, it makes up for it by sporting an analogue display, as well as utilising colour-coded LEDs and assignable vibration functionality. Mostly, you would need to use your smartphone with its Fossil Q App for Android top get almost everything going. Overall, though, the Intel-powered (a refreshing change from Snapdragon CPUs’ hegemony) is one of the best smartwatches for Android to grab in 2016.

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10. HP Movado Bold Motion

Hp movado bold motion android Google Wear smartwatchComputer maker HP’s attempt at the wrist wearables market is here. HP paired up with analogue designer and watchmaker, Movado, to bring this dream to reality.

The black PVD bezel, wearable looks suave–no doubt. But at just under $700, you probably wouldn’t expect anything less. It also comes with waterproof features, making it water resistant for up to 50 metres. So surfing with it won’t mess it up, let alone shock your arm to the high heavens.

You’ll also find step tracking, alluring teal LED lights that are programmable to switch on as alerts, texts, calls, reminders, etc., come in, and its ability to adapt to new time zones in case you are travelling.

The HP Movado Bold Motionis well built and comes with HP hardware and software onboard. But it is Android like the rest of this list, but also integrates support for IOS, so you can use it with your iPhone as well. Its compatibility with Android makes it the more interesting, though. We are still getting the hang of things so watch this space for more on this 48mm Hewlett Packard first shot at smartwatches. | Buy on Amazon

Google Watch vs Apple Watch

First, using Android Wear OS is pretty intuitive, and the experience is almost entirely Android-on-a-phone. Voice support is a big deal here, and users can talk down to their wrist to “call up” an app, check the time and almost anything else. Android Wear also utilises Google Now for phone-like usability, which makes Android smart watches user interfaces a thrilling experience on shrank screens such as those on smartwatches.

Although touch gestures such as pinch and multi-touch are conspicuously missing, users can swipe, tap and operate their Android smartwatch like they would an Android phone. With Android Wear 1.4 update, almost any Google smartwatch—that is upgradable—is better value for money than the Apple Watch.

Ultimately, though, some Android smartwatches now come with iOS support integrated. With iOS support rolling out across the board in the foreseeable future, you’ll be able to use your Google Watch, be it the LG G Watch R, Moto 360, Sony Smartwatch 3, LG R Urbane, Samsung Galaxy Gear, and even a Xiaomi and Huawei intelligent wristwatch, with your Mac or iDevice.

A Google watch is also cheaper if you are just trying out things, plus it’ll work with your Android 4.3 and above smartphone, which is what most people have on their phones. Like iPhones, the Apple Watch will not work with your Samsung, or HTC, or any other Android device. You’d have to buy and own an iPhone 5 or later for it.

Which is the Best Android Wear Smartwatch?

In the coming twelve months, the best Google Wear smartwatches in here may no longer give us goose pimples like do at this moment. We’ve seen the Android Wear platform blow the wrist wearable concept out of proportion from having less than five compatible devices just two short years ago, to more than 30 now. Choosing the best smartwatch for Android can be turn out to be one indecisive mess, so we hope the ten Google Watches above can stand up to be picked by you—at least right now.

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