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The Best Fitness Wearables -

The Best Fitness Wearables

Better Data Through Technology

There’s no doubt that wearable technology has transformed how we exercise and keep tabs on our health. Fitness data that once required the use of maps, measurements, and stopwatches can now all be acquired and tabulated by simply slipping a tiny device around a wrist or in a hip pocket. Whether you’re an avid athlete or a more fair weather fitness fan, it’s never been easier to track your progress and set new goals.

With the increasing popularity of fitness wearables, a number of new devices have flooded onto the market in recent years, leaving exercise-savvy consumers wondering which ones are the best. While practically all fitness wearables available are better than the old fashioned methods of gathering personal vitals, here are, in no particular order, some of the best and most useful fitness wearables you can buy.

Microsoft Band

Microsoft Band

Containing a staggering ten sensors plus a built-in GPS, Microsoft’s futuristic fitness tracker packs a whopping amount of technology into a remarkably small package. Yes, it does everything that all of the other fitness wearables can do, like measure heart rate, number of steps taken, distance travelled, and other vitals. But it can do so much more, like measure your skin’s temperature, or sense the amount of ultraviolet light and let you know if applying sunscreen would be a smart thing to do. Plus, with its GPS, it can sync with your smart phone to map your activity and offer all sorts of relevant data. And, as if all that weren’t enough, the Microsoft Band is a smart watch that can display all of your messages and social media feeds, offer scan-to-pay with select retailers, and so much more. While the device is still in one of its earliest iterations, it is quickly becoming popular with fitness enthusiasts for all it can offer.

Basis Peak


This fitness tracker may look like an ordinary wristwatch on the outside, but on the inside, it’s a measurement powerhouse. For starters, it can detect the activity you’re doing without you having to tell it, whether you’re walking, running, biking, or doing something else. It can also measure heart rate, sleep patterns, and more, and all information that it collects syncs wirelessly via BlueTooth to its fluid and intuitive web interface. Plus, its sleek design makes it one of the better looking fitness wearables on the market.

Garmin Vivosmart


Part fitness tracker and part motivational fitness coach, the Garmin Vivosmart is a discreet wristlet that both keeps track of important statistics and sends optional smart notifications to encourage more activity. It tracks all of the important fitness-related data, like steps, distance, calories burned, active time, and more, and it keeps tabs on your sleep patterns too. The more attractive features of the Vivosmart are that it’s water resistant, it can display text messages from your smart phone, and it offers a lot of features for its mid-range price point.


Fitbit One


One of the more well-known fitness trackers available today, the Fitbit One can be clipped on clothing or dropped in a pocket. It measures all of the usual activity data, including stairs climbed, and it can also track sleep vitals. Its more useful and impressive features include a silent alarm, the ability to wirelessly sync with iPhones via BlueTooth, and a clear, crisp display. Plus, the Fitbit One’s design is perfect for those who don’t wish to draw attention to the fact that they’re wearing a fitness tracker. Finally, this is a device that offers a slew of features for a relatively low price; it typically retails for considerably less than the other three fitness wearables featured here.

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