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19 Best Father’s Day Gifts - The Ultimate Guide 2017 - Appcessories - App-enabled Accessories and Wearables
19 Best Father’s Day Gifts – The Ultimate Guide 2016

19 Best Father’s Day Gifts – The Ultimate Guide 2017

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Mother’s Day may get the lion’s share of the attention, and every day is kid’s day (as mum always used to remind us), but we’ve also got a special day set aside for honouring dad. We spend lots of money on it, too: according to Statista, consumers in the UK spent £658 million on Father’s Day in 2014, and over £680 million in 2015.

But it may come as no surprise that we spend more on our mums — almost twice as much, in fact. According to The Retail Bulletin, in 2014, consumers spent £1.3 billion on Mother’s Day. As for why that is, American research and consulting agency Conlumino offers some insight: half of all consumers cite Mother’s Day as an important occasion, while just 37.6% of consumers feel the same about Father’s Day.

This year, Father’s Day falls on Sunday, June 19; it’s coming up soon, but you’ve still got time to get dad a great gift. The only question is, what will you get him? We’ve got you covered: no matter what tech your dad loves, and no matter what your budget is, there’s probably something on our list that he’ll love almost as much as he loves you.


1. Pebble Time Steel

pebble time steelThis top of the line Pebble smartwatch is a rugged and sleek choice for dad. He’ll love the way it looks — simple, masculine, and shiny, with an always-on full-colour e-paper display — but he’ll also love the functionality:

  • Calendar details,
  • smartphone notifications,
  • and full music control

will all be on his wrist.

If dad’s trying to stay healthy, he’ll love the Pebble Health app, a full fitness and health platform that’s available only on Pebble watches. He’ll be able to keep tabs on things like steps taken and calories burned, and he’ll have some insight on his sleep as well.

The Pebble Time Steel runs £199.99. It’s not cheap, but with all that it does and how good it looks, it’s sure to become the wearable that dad just can’t live without.

2. Garmin vívosmart HR+

Garmin vívosmart HR+If your father is an avid runner or hiker, the Garmin vívosmart HR+ may become his new favourite device. It’s a sporty looking waterproof activity tracker that’s loaded with useful features. For starters, as the name implies, there’s continual heart rate monitoring, right from the wrist. And, because it’s a Garmin product, it’s enabled with a GPS chip for precise location and distance information plus a barometric altimeter for elevation data. If dad’s out hiking, jogging, or exploring, he’ll never get lost again.

The vívosmart HR+ can also sync with your phone for smart notifications as well as music control. Plus, it has Garmin’s proprietary Move IQ, which automatically detects new activities and keeps track of all dad’s numbers. When he’s all done for the day, the sleek wristband will track his sleep as well.

Dad will get a lot out of this £169.99 tracker. Whether he’s checking his stats daily or is more of a weekend warrior, a Garmin vívoactive HR+ will help him stay fit.

3. Fitbit Blaze

Fitbit BlazeThe latest and greatest from Fitbit is gonna make dad happy. Why? Well, for starters, The Blaze has all of the fitness tracking abilities that Fitbit is known for: steps, distance, calories, sleep, and so on. It monitors heart rate all day, so dad will be able to do some more intense workouts if he wants. And while it doesn’t have built-in GPS, it can sync with the GPS on dad’s phone for the most accurate location and distance information.

More than all that, though, the Fitbit Blaze looks amazing. It’s obviously inspired by the Apple Watch, with its full colour touchscreen display and polished styling, but it’s much less conspicuous and flashy. Dad will love wearing the Blaze 24/7, and it’ll run you a respectable £159.99.


4. Wraps Wristband Headphones

Wraps Wristband HeadphonesWhether your father uses his earbuds for listening to tunes while working out, catching up on podcasts while riding the tube, or for finding inner peace through his meditation app, one thing’s for certain: the wires get tangled on a regular basis, and it’s annoying to him. This year, spring for a pair of Wraps Wristband Headphones for Father’s Day, and give dad a great pair of earbuds that won’t tangle.

Wraps work just like regular earbuds, but instead of stuffing them in a bag when they’re not in use, they wrap around the wrist. The audio quality is impressive, with a 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response, and when worn, they somewhat resemble one of those new-agey bracelets that so many celebrities favour. As long as your pops is into that look, these are a good choice.

Wraps are available in a variety of colours and textures ranging from fabric to beads to leather. They’re also surprisingly affordable, ranging in price from $21.99 to $37.99, or about £15 to £27, respectively. At those prices, you may want to pick up a pair for yourself too.

5. Monster SuperStar BackFloat Speaker

Monster SuperStar BackFloat SpeakerThere are lots of BlueTooth speakers on the market today, but if dad loves outdoor fun as much as he loves his music, then the Monster SuperStar BackFloat speaker is a good choice for him this Father’s Day. Not only is this speaker totally waterproof, but it’s actually designed to float (on its back, hence the name).

What does this all mean? It means that dad gets solid sound quality and a nice bass response, whether he’s out fishing, doing laps in the pool, or working out in the garden. More than that, the SuperStar BackFloat is also incredibly durable, so a few dings won’t affect it at all.

At around £99, this is one of the more expensive compact BlueTooth speakers. However, for that price, dad gets unmatched durability, which means he’ll be able to enjoy your present for a long, long time.


6. Sphero BB-8

sphero-bb-8-star-wars-droidWhen your dad is a Star Wars fan from way back and he’s a real kid at heart, then yes, this is the droid he’s looking for. Sphero has been making quirky, fun little app controlled robot-like toys for a few years now, but they’ve really outdone themselves with this controllable BB-8. Give dad his own little droid, and he’ll have a blast.

Using the corresponding app, dad can drive BB-8 around the house and make both mum and the dog nuts in the process. He can also send the rolling bot out to explore the surroundings and learn them, which is quite fun to watch. And, in full-on help-me-Obi-Wan fashion, he can record a holographic message that can be seen through the app — a pretty cool feature for any Jedi in training.

Sphero’s BB-8 retails for £129, though it can usually be found for around £100 in stores and through online retailers. It’s good, mindless fun, and dad will probably love it.

7. Sky Viper Video Drone

Sky Viper Video DroneFor dads who want to do more with their photo and video efforts, the Sky Viper Video Drone will put aerial shots in their repertoire. It’s a great beginner drone because it’s easy to control, doesn’t cost too much (you can easily find one for under 100 quid), and it shoots at a respectable 720p. All images and video are recorded to an SD card.

Besides video, the Sky Viper is also ready to race; it’s got a durable body and is equipped to do some stunts like barrel rolls. Mostly, though, this is a great hobbyist’s drone that will help dad see the world from a bird’s eye view.

8. Bluesmart One Smart Suitcase

Bluesmart One Smart SuitcaseGot a dad who’s always travelling? He definitely needs the Bluesmart One smart suitcase! Here’s why: it’s a connected carry-on, small enough to stow in a plane’s overhead bin. It pairs with your phone for location tracking and locking, so even if you’re separated from it, you’ll still know where it is and can check if it’s locked.

It has a built-in digital scale, so you can always make sure you’re under any weight limits. It includes a battery that can charge your smartphone up to six times. It may not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but the Bluesmart One’s wheels glide effortlessly, allowing you to roll through the airport with no hitches.

The Bluesmart One retails for $449, or about £310. It’s a bit of a splurge on dad, but thanks to the Bluesmart One’s rugged construction, he should get many years out of this smart suitcase.

9. Tile

tileWe all lose stuff, but if your dad is notorious for misplacing his keys, forgetting where he put his wallet, or leaving his briefcase at home or at the office, then a Tile is for him.

A Tile is a small (37mm x 37m), thin, square device that can be attached to just about anything. It transmits a BlueTooth signal to your smartphone, so as long as you’re within 100 feet of your misplaced item, you can ring it. If you’re farther away, you can report it as missing, and when another Tile user is within range of what you’ve lost, you’ll get a notification so you can find it.

Best of all, Tile is extremely affordable. One costs just $25, or about £17; buy more, and the cost per unit goes down. Unfortunately, one Tile lasts for just a year, after which dad will need to send it back for recycling. However, he’ll get up to 50% off a replacement Tile.

But just think: get him one for Father’s Day this year, and you’ll save some money on Father’s Day presents by keeping his Tile up to date from now on.

10. Apple TV

Apple TV Father's Day giftIf dad’s idea of a perfect Sunday afternoon is kicking back on the couch and watching movies or playing a few video games, then an Apple TV will be his new best friend. (You’ll still be his best best friend, though.) This little device can not only play movies and favourite series, but it can make intelligent recommendations based on his established preferences, keep his iTunes music library organised, and even act as a gaming console.

Just like dad’s iPhone, the Apple TV features everyone’s favourite digital assistant Siri, and even though it includes a smart remote, it can be controlled completely by voice. Dad provides the popcorn, and the device takes care of the rest.

There are two Apple TV models available: one with 32GB of storage for £129, and another with 64GB for £169. Go for the former if dad likes his shows, but go for the latter if he really likes them.

11. PrintrBot Play 3D Printer

PrintrBot Play 3D Printer3D printing is cool for anyone, but it’s especially fun for artists, computer enthusiasts, and tinkerers of any breed. If your dad is any of the above, consider getting him a PrintrBot Play 3D printer for Father’s Day. The Play model is a great one for 3D printing newbies because it’s compact, relatively affordable, and easy to use.

Let’s start with compact: the Play may weigh in at a little over 8 kg, but that’s small in terms of 3D printer size. It also doesn’t print anything that’s too big: its build volume is about 10cm by 10cm by 13cm. It’s also not too expensive, as far as fully assembled 3D printers go, at $399, or around £276.

Finally, using the free Cura 3D printing software, it’s easy to create and print whatever dad wants.


12. Navdy Sat Nav

Navdy Sat Nav


If dad spends lots of hours on the road, whether it’s for work or for leisure, you’ll want to get him a Navdy Sat Nav. This is a smartphone connected device that mounts on the dashboard of a car and essentially turns the entire windshield into an augmented reality display. It projects things like turn by turn directions, smart notifications, and more about two metres ahead of you, so you can maintain focus on the road and see important information at the same time.

Navdy can also respond to voice and gesture controls, so you can tell it to load directions, read text messages, send a Tweet, play your favourite song, and more. Plus, it pairs easily with any iOS or Android device, so no matter what smartphone dad has in his pocket, chances are it will work with Navdy.

The only downside here is that Navdy is available only as a pre-order right now. In fact, the initial pre-orders sold out, so if you buy one today, dad won’t get it until the fall. Still, that’s not too far away, and you can tell him all about it on June 19. Navdy costs $499, or about £345, but the value and safety it provides are priceless.

13. Olloclip 4 in 1 Lens

Olloclip 4 in 1 LensSmartphones make everyday photography a breeze, but that tiny fixed lens sometimes yields unimpressive results. If dad’s a budding photog, help him elevate his snapshot game with the Olloclip 4 in 1 lens for iPhone.

The 4 in the lens means that dad can shoot on fish eye, wide angle, and two macro settings (10x and 15x, specifically), giving him all the distortion and close-up power he could want. Each individual piece is lightweight and even wearable, so you’ll never have to dig around for the right one at the right moment.

The Olloclip 4 in 1 Lens costs £69.99, and while it may not turn dad’s iPhone into a top of the line DSLR, it will make his smartphone photos look a little less ordinary.

14. Mophie Juice Pack Phone Case

Mophie Juice Pack Phone CaseFor dads on the go, a Mophie Juice Pack case is the best way to keep his smartphone protected and charged. It’s a rugged case that will keep his iPhone 6 or Galaxy S7 from suffering any damage, plus it will give him more than 50% extra battery life.

Using the company’s Charge Force wireless power technology, the pack can be topped off simply by placing it on the charging base. There are no cables to mess with or lose, and it’s all very simple. An optional vent mount for the car or desk mount both make it possible to charge your Juice Pack and read what’s on your screen at the same time.

A kit containing the case plus a charging base starts at £89.95 for standard size phones; bumping up to a larger phone requires a larger case, which costs a bit more.

15. Luckies of London Smartphone Projector

Luckies of London Smartphone ProjectorIf you had millions of pounds at your disposal, you’d build dad the home cinema he’s always wanted. But you probably don’t have millions of pounds, and dad probably doesn’t have an extra room to dedicate to one anyway. The solution? A Luckies of London smartphone projector, which can turn any room into a cosy theatre.

What’s so cool about the Luckies of London projector is it’s a simple DIY kit; if dad’s not handy, you could even put it together for him. For £17.95, you get a sturdy cardboard projector with a decent glass lens capable of 8x magnification. Glue it together, get a video going on your smartphone, tuck it inside, and you’ve got movies on a big screen (or, ermm, wall).

16. Polaroid Zip Printer

Polaroid Zip PrinterDad probably has a million photos of you on his smartphone, and the Polaroid Zip printer is the perfect solution for allowing him to print out his faves for his wallet, the refrigerator, or the little frame on his desk. It’s wireless, it’s easy, and because it uses zero ink (literally), it’s super small and portable. From start to finish, printing out a smartphone photo using the Zip takes under a minute.

Because it’s so small, though, the photos it prints out are little: about two by three inches. Still, this is a fun little device for any dad who would rather have a tangible image than one on a screen. You can find the Zip for around £109, and paper refills run about eight quid for a pack of 30.


17. Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo DotTo get dad a brand spanking new Amazon Echo Dot, the adorable little smarthome controller from the international retail behemoth, you’ll need to pull a few strings. For starters, you’ll need to be an Amazon Prime member. You’ll also have to have another Alexa enabled product and then (get this) ask her to order it for you. We should also mention that the Echo Dot is technically available only in the US for now. But this is dad we’re talking about, and if you think he’d like one of these, we know you’ll find a way to make it happen.

What does the Echo Dot do? More or less everything it’s big brother Echo can do, minus the speaker capabilities. It’s voice activated, and Alexa can read the news, control components in the home, check your calendar, and do assorted tasks of that ilk.

Currently, the hard to procure Echo Dot is available for $89.99, or about £62. Will it be more available by the time Father’s Day is upon us? Probably not, but one never knows.

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18. Smarter Coffee Maker

smarter coffee makerGive dad the gift of a convenient cup of joe this Father’s Day with the Smarter Coffee Maker. It can be started via the corresponding app from anywhere in the house, which means dad doesn’t even have to get out of bed to get the first pot brewing.

And if dad’s a coffee snob, no worries: the Smarter will grind beans fresh before each cycle for great tasting java, then keep it warm for as long as he’d like. And, dad can control how strong each pot is, as well as set up other preferences like brewing a fresh pot at specified times.

The Smarter coffee maker sells for £179.99, which isn’t much more than a non-smart top of the line coffee pot. If dad is as passionate about his coffee as he is about convenience, he’d probably love one of these on his kitchen counter.

19. iGrill 2 Smart Thermometer

iGrill 2 Smart ThermometerIs your dad a grilling guru? Does he do all the cooking outdoors when the weather’s good? If so, he’d probably love a gadget to make the whole process easier, and the iGrill 2 smart thermometer does just that. It gauges a precise cooking temperature on anything on the grill, then transmits that information via BlueTooth to the corresponding app so dad knows that his steak is the perfect medium rare.

Dad can even configure the app to send him a notification if the iGrill 2 detects a pre-set target temperature, and he can also get exclusive recipes for more ambitious grilling projects.

The iGrill 2 retails for $99.99, or about £63. It’s a lot for a grilling gadget, but consider that no food on the grill won’t be overcooked or underdone from here out as long as you’ve got one, and it’s clearly money well spent.

Start Shopping For Father’s Day!

With June 19th just a few short weeks away, now is the time to choose the perfect gift for dad for Father’s Day. You’ve read our suggestions, and now we’d like to ask you: what are you getting your dad?

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