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33 Christmas Tech Gifts 2015 - Men, Women and Kids

33 Christmas Tech Gifts 2015 – Men, Women and Kids

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Christmas Tech Gifts 2015

The humble toy soldier and plastic doll are no longer as sought out as they once were. Now, in the 21st century, we have such a breath of technical wizardry to enthral and entertain at Christmas. We take our pick of the bunch of Christmas tech gifts 2015 for you to get your family this year.

Christmas Tech Gifts for Men

1. Atlas Wristband

atlas wristband best fitness tracker for WeightliftingFor the avid gym-goer, the Atlas Wristband is a supertracker that recognises exercises, counts reps, and tallies all of your metrics and pushes you to go faster, go harder, and get stronger. It’s perfect for anyone who’s serious about fitness, but it’s also a great motivational device for anyone who needs that extra push to make their training a priority. It’s not due to ship until January, but that’s not too long after Christmas, and the promise of a great new tracker will give your guy something to look forward to.

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2. Powerbeats 2 Wireless Headphones

Beats Powerbeats2 Wireless sports headphonesThe white ear buds that come with the iPhone are nice, but if you’re serious about music, you know that the audio they put out is somewhat lacking. That’s why we think the audiophile in your life would really love a pair of Powerbeats 2 wireless in-ear headphones. The sound quality is pristine, the battery life is long, there’s no tether to your smartphone, and they good for both sweaty workouts and simply walking down the street listening to your favourite tunes.

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3. Apple TV

apple tv logoAn Apple watch may be out of your price range, and most people on your gift list probably already have an iPhone, so what should you get for the Apple fankids in your life? At £129, an Apple TV may be just the thing. It’s been getting rave reviews from industry insiders and consumers alike, and it’s sure to get just as great a reaction when it’s taken out from under the tree.

What the Apple TV does is take all the best parts of the Apple OS experience — the intuitive navigation, the clean interface, the overall ease of use — and put it on the giant screen in your living room, your bedroom, or your man cave. It’s got Siri, so you can navigate by voice, ask for recommendations, and speak basic commands. A BlueTooth remote lets you flip around from your couch. And, while it’s no Xbox, there are some fun games you can play on it as well.

4. GoPro Hero4 Session

go pro hero4 sessionThe GoPro Hero4 Session is small, it’s lightweight, it’s waterproof, and it’s a great tool for your guy to document all of his adventures. Mount it on a helmet or attach it to equipment, and capturing 1080p video has never been easier: it’s all one touch. The GoPro app allows for total camera control. Will 2016 be the year that your man becomes the star of his own YouTube channel? With the GoPro Hero4 Session, it’s entirely possible.

5. Smartphone Projector

Cardboard-smartphone-projector, Christmas Tech Gifts 2015Gather the family around and watch Christmas movies on the big screen, all from the smallest screen in the house.

The smartphone projector is a very simple design made out of cardboard and decorated like an old-school projector. Simply start your video and slide your phone into the projector for a screen 8x the size. Perfect for a winter’s night entertainment. created an updated version, the Smartphone Projector 2.0.

6. Zepp Swing Analyser


Is Dad always complaining about a bad day on the course? Well you can help him with his swing by giving the gift of the Zepp Swing Analyser this Christmas.

The Zepp swing analyser tracks more than just speed, it tracks tempo, position, hip rotation, back-swing position and more, this will ensure better drives and a happier Dad 🙂

7. Smarter Wifi Coffee Maker

smarter coffee featuredWe all want coffee, but not many of us want to get out of bed and make it. With the Smarter Coffee Maker, you can set it to brew early in the morning so you wake up to a hot cup of java. Plus, since it’s wifi enabled, you can use the corresponding app to start the brew process from anywhere and walk into a fresh mug of your favourite pick me up. It’s the perfect appliance for the coffee fanatic in your life.

8. Nest Protect

nest-protect-1, works with nestWhile there’s nothing especially fun about the Nest Protect, this smart smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector can provide anyone with peace of mind, and really, what’s a better Christmas gift than that? A man’s got to protect his family, and this smart home component can send smartphone alerts, test itself, and even light up in the dark. Plus, because it Works With Nest, it can be integrated with a growing personal IoT.

9. Star Wars R2-D2 Car Charger

If you’ve got a Star Wars fan in your life, then this is most definitely the droid he’s looking for. This mini R2 is a mini charging station that plugs into any car’s 12V port (formerly known as the cigarette lighter). It has two USB ports on its head to charge your smartphone, tablet, or any other USB device. When your battery has reached maximum capacity, the fun begins as R2’s head beeps, spins, and lights up. Plus, he fits in your car’s cup holder, and he’s downright awesome.

10. Google Chromecast

google chromecastThis simple, inexpensive tool ports video from your tablet, smartphone, or laptop to your big screen, flat panel television. It works with Netflix, Hulu, all the major television station apps, and more. Only want the music ported? No problem: Google recently released a Chromecast Audio dongle that gets music from your Android device playing on a high-end stereo system.

11. Apple Watch

clear grass amber power your apple watchAt the top of the Christmas Gift ranking in 2015 is, by most counts, the Apple Watch. While we don’t know anyone who wouldn’t love to have one of these glorious jewels strapped to his or her wrist, the sheer bulk of the thing pushed us to included it on our men’s list. (Know a woman who isn’t put off by a large watch? She’d probably love one too.) It’s the ultimate in cool gear, perfect for Apple fans, techies, and anyone who wants to own the sleekest smartwatch around. (So, pretty much everyone.)

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Best Tech Gifts for Women

There’s a myth that women want only jewellery and purses for Christmas. Not so! From simple wearables to more involved tech devices to conveniences that make using technology easier, we think the lovely lady in your life would appreciate finding one of these under the tree this year. Also, who said you can’t combine smart wearables and jewellery?

12. Bellabeat Leaf

bellabeat leaf reviewPerfect for the woman who wants to track steps, calories, and sleep but does not, under any circumstances, want to wear a sporty looking tracker, the Bellabeat Leaf is a fun piece of jewellery that can do everything a basic tracker can do. It can be worn as a clip, as a bracelet, or as a necklace, and the app even has breathing exercises and a menstrual tracker. Its simple but elegant design coordinates with any outfit, and no one would ever suspect that the leaf pendant she’s wearing is actually a full-on fitness tracker.

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13. Lumo Lift

Lumo LiftWe all struggle with maintaining good posture, but with women being so susceptible to osteoporosis as they age, a tool to help with posture is extremely useful. Even younger women could use some help in standing straighter, as it helps them present themselves as confident and capable. The Lumo Lift is a small wearable that tracks posture and helps wearers hold their bodies better. The best part? Good posture can limit or prevent back pain. Who wouldn’t love that?

14. Kindle Voyage


Amazon have released their latest in the kindle line of e-readers.  The thinnest ever Kindle, this also boasts a 300ppi display and smart lighting capability. Along with a six-week battery life, this is one to get for the bookworm of the family.

If the Voyage is a little expensive the updated Kindle Paperwhite is also a fantastic e-reader that will work under any lighting condition, and is almost half the price of the Voyage.

15. Misfit Shine

Misfit Shine After Christmas comes the inevitable New Year’s resolution, which invariable involves getting fitter for most people. Why not give the gift of the Misfit Shine to help them achieve their goals, as opposed to the usual of skipping the gym after only a few weeks of membership.

The Misfit Shine does everything we have come to expect from an activity tracker from monitoring walking, cycling, swimming, and sleep; setting goals, analysing stats, etc. One of the coolest features of the Misfit Shine is simple and intuitive way that it syncs; place it on the screen of your iPhone and it will do so as if by magic.

The shine can be worn on clothes, as a pendant or on the wrist, giving you whatever option would suit your lifestyle and activity best.

16. Chiaro Elvie

Elvie pelvic wearableThis one’s a bit personal, and it may even be a gift that a woman buys for herself, but the Chiaro Elvie is a pelvic floor trainer that can help improve core strength. It’s incredibly discreet, yet it can make a huge difference in the life of any woman who suffers from pelvic floor issues. It’s actually a perfect gift for new moms who need some help in regaining control of their bodies from the inside out.

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17. Olloclip 4-in-1 Lens

Using your iPhone to take photos is certainly convenient, but the photos they create are…well, they usually look like they were taken with a smartphone. Elevate her smartphone photography experience with a 4-in-1 clip-on lens from Olloclip. It offers options for fish-eye, wide angle, 10x macro, and 15x macro photos, and it’s a lot smaller than carrying around a DSLR with removable lenses. Family photos will never be the same.

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18. Polaroid Zip Instant Photo Printer

polaroid zip instant photoprinterThe other drawback of smartphone photography is that the photos live on your phone. Maybe you upload to Instagram or Facebook, but there’s no print to tack on a wall or put in a frame. The Polaroid Zip instant photo printer connects to any smartphone via BlueTooth to create 2×3 colour prints. The pictures are smudge proof, vibrant, and have a peel-off back that reveals a sticky surface, so you can stick them anywhere.

19. Muse Headband

musePerfect for the yogi, meditation guru, or stressed person in your life, the Muse brain sensing headband is a smart meditation aid that can help the woman in your life clear her mind. It’s easy to use, and the corresponding app tracks your progress and helps you learn how to get calm and stay calm. If you know someone who is pulled in a million different directions and genuinely struggles to be present all of the time, the Muse would make a great gift for her (or him!).

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21. The Mighty Purse

mighty purse, christmas gift

OK, so if the woman in your life really would like a new purse for Christmas, you might get her one that both looks great and can keep her smartphone or tablet charged. The Mighty Purse offers dozens of wristlets, clutches and handbags in a wide variety of colours and textures that are stylish and practical. In fact, you’d never know by looking at them that these purses are highly functional chargers.


MOOV-NOWThe fitness fanatics on your list have probably run through at least one Fitbit or Jawbone, and now they’re probably looking for something new that will help them through their workouts. You, on the other hand, want to get them something they’ll love that won’t bust your budget. MOOV NOW is the latest tracker from MOOV, and it’s a powerful device that will push anyone, from the most casual jogger to the most intense athlete, to improve his or her performance.

MOOV NOW is worn on the wrist like most trackers, and it will keep tabs on steps, distance, and calories like most trackers. However, it has the ability to track your motion in 3D space, so it can not only measure all sorts of activities like running, swimming, cycling, cardio, and more, but it can give you audio coaching information through your BlueTooth headphones. For around £50, it’s a remarkable device.

20. Touch Tonic

Touch Tonic for glovesHere’s the problem: it’s cold out, but you can’t use your smartphone when you’ve got your gloves on. The solution? Touch Tonic, a nail polish like concoction that gets brushed on glove fingertips to make touchscreen devices responsive to them. It’s easy, it’s convenient, it’s not at all expensive, and it’s perfect for women on the go this winter and every winter.

Christmas Tech Gifts For Children

Tech gifts for kids are both fun and educational, silly and smart, complicated and deceptively simple. Plus, thanks to companies that are creating some great new tech for smaller children, you don’t have to wait until the child in your life is older to get him or her something really cool. Whether you’re shopping for a toddler or a teenager, you’ll want to consider these.

23. Orbotix Sphero Bots: Star Wars BB-8

Sphero BB 8 Star Wars Droid

Now I’d say this one is for the kids, but to be honest I want one (hope my family is reading this).

The orbotix sphero combines the fun of a video game, the technological advances of robotics, and the absolute simplicity of a sphere.

The Sphero 2.0 is robotic ball that is controlled via app. There are already 25+ apps (and counting) for the sphero. These range from simple remote control fun games, all the way to educational games and everything in-between. A must have for christmas and available here.

Star Wars fans will surely go nuts over their own app-controlled BB-8 droid from Sphero. In fact, Gizmodo called it “the coolest Star Wars toy ever.” Much like Sphero’s other BlueTooth app-driven mini-bots like Ollie, BB-8 is design to roll and bump along at your discretion. However, BB-8 does it with more personality than its non-branded cousins, and the floating head that always sits more or less on top of its round body makes its behaviour a bit more human-like.

It’s small, at just a few inches in diameter, but it can do quite a lot. Put it in Drive mode, and you’ve got full control of your droid pal; it’s fun to bump him into things and watch him react. (Yes, he’s durable and can take a beating.) Set BB-8 to Patrol mode, and it will figure out obstacles much like a small child wearing a bucket over his head would: by bumping into them and trying to not make the same mistakes twice. It’s amusing, to say the least.

The Message mode is especially cool, as you can record and play back your own Obi-Wan Kenobi-ish hologram. It’s all done through augmented reality, which means you need to watch it using your smartphone or tablet, and it may not be the most practical feature of this little droid, but Star Wars fans should get a big kick out of it.

24. Swagway Self-Balancing Scooter

swagwaySegways are expensive, and scooters are so last decade, but hoverboards are all the rage these days. And while the term “hoverboard” may not be entirely accurate, it sounds a lot cooler than “self-balancing scooter,” and most people will know what you’re talking about. There are dozens of options out right now, but for a great balance (no pun intended) of price, quality, and style, we like the Swagway.

Staying upright on a hoverboard may take some getting used to, but the tech-loving teen or millennial on your shopping list should have a blast rolling around hands-free. It’s also perfect for skateboarders, snowboarders, adrenaline junkies, and general thrill seekers. The Swagway reaches a top speed of 10 miles per hour — fast enough for a good scoot sesh, but not so fast that injuries are a given when riders fall off. Actually, while we’re recommending a Swagway, we’d like to recommend a helmet and protective gear as well.

25. 3Doodler 2.0

3doodler 3d printing penIf you’re on the hunt for a fun, quirky, and unique gift for the illustration artists on your list, free them from the confines of two dimensions with a 3Doodler 2.0. It’s a 3D printing pen that pulls drawing off the page and into the world. It’s equally great for kids and adults, and it’s sure to be the gift that gets pulled out of the package first to see what it’s all about. What can you draw with it? What can’t you draw with it?

A starter pack includes the pen plus a small package of plastic strands; additional plastic refills cost extra as you go. While the creations you make with the 3Doodler are more of a novelty than anything else (you can’t exactly 3D print replacement organs with this thing), the device is a cool way to stretch your creativity and make some interesting baubles, crafts, and adornments.

26. Looq DG Selfie Stick

Looq DG Selfie StickYou can’t walk down the street lately without seeing a group of teenagers taking a selfie. Improve the selfies of the teens in your life with a Looq DG Selfie Stick. There are lots of selfie sticks on the market, but we like the Looq DG because it extends up to a full metre, it works with most phones, and it draws very little power. Plus, it’s inexpensive, it comes in a few fun colours, and it telescopes down to just over 20cm.

27. Xiaomi Mi Band

Xiaomi Mi Band . best value fitness tracker for moneyLots of kids and teens are getting in on the fitness craze, and that’s great. The only thing is, they’re not always very responsible about their stuff, and a tracker can be an expensive gadget to lose. Fear not — the Xiaomi Mi band is a powerful fitness tracker that costs around £10. Plus, it looks like the rubber bracelets that a lot of teens are fond of wearing, so very few people will realise that the Mi on your kid’s wrist is actually a pretty involved device. And of course, a healthy child of any age is a great Christmas present for everyone.

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28. LittleBits Gizmos and Gadgets Kit

AnimatronicHand_2908 littlebits projectBetter than Legos, and more like an erector set for the 21st Century, LittleBits are electronic building blocks that help young scientists and inventors create all sorts of things. They snap together via magnets, so there’s little room for error, and while there are just four main components, the possibilities are endless. With all the talk about the importance of STEM education these days, LittleBits is the perfect toy to spark a lifelong love of computer science and circuit design.

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29. Kano Computer Kit

If small circuits are mere child’s play to the kid in your life, perhaps he or she would like to build a computer? That’s exactly what the Kano computer kit allows for: it comes with all of the components necessary for building a Raspberry Pi-based mini computer suitable for simple coding. There’s no monitor included, but you can buy a screen kit or use a tablet for the visuals. Kids can create games, art, and more with their finished product, all while learning some valuable programming skills.

30. Anki Overdrive

anki overdriveIf you’re an ‘80s or ‘90s kid, just think of the Anki Overdrive kit as an updated racing car set. The track is customisable and fast, the cars are app-controlled, and the fun is limitless. Kids young and old will have as much fun with it as you had with your Hot Wheels Race Track back in the day. Plus, when they turn in for the night, you can enjoy the races on your own. Who says race cars are just for kids?

31. LeapFrog LeapTV

LeapFrog is an industry leader in tech toys for kids, and their LeapTV is an educational gaming system that gets kids moving. They can skate with Anna and Elsa, ride with Blaze, help out with the Paw Patrol, get in touch with their creative side, and much more. It’s a lot more active than just watching ordinary TV, plus there are over 100 games and apps for it. No matter what your child’s skill level is, there’s something for him or her on LeapTV.

32. View-Master VR

view master vrLooking at slide wheels in a View-Master was a formative childhood experience for many adults, but now their kids can have just as much fun with the View-Master VR. It’s a smartphone-based VR viewer that feels like our old toys but can do so much more. Instead of looking at pictures of planets, today’s kids are flying through space. View-Master VR doesn’t just show them the world — it actually takes them there.

33. Mattel Electronic Football

mattel electronic football gameWe suspect that the Mattel Electronic Football game will be of greater appeal to adults than their children, but the primitive, simplistic handheld game is back! This classic of the 1980s is just as awesome as you remember, plus it’s got improved audio. If you want to show your kids what home video games were like when you were young, this is a great way to do it. They may not be overly impressed, but that just means more thumb quarterback time for you.

Get Shopping!

With only a few days left until Christmas, what are you waiting for? It’s time to find something for the tech-head in your life. Whether you’re shopping for a man, woman, child, or yourself, we’re certain that you’ll find something on our list to make the holidays merry and bright. What’s your favourite?


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