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25+ Best Android Wear Apps - 2017 And Beyond Edition
25+ Best Android Wear Apps – 2016 And Beyond Edition

25+ Best Android Wear Apps – 2017 And Beyond Edition

A contemporary lifestyle can be complicated. Yet, lucky us we live in the 21st century. Now, reaching all the way down to your pocket or purse to grab that smartphone just to check out some to do list item is unnecessary. Unlike two short years ago, there is a useful Android Wear app to do it all on your behalf—from your wrist. In fact, there are over 4000 Android Wear apps to make your smart wearable really intelligent.

From managers to marketers, the health conscious to health practitioners, to social enthusiasts and fun fanatics, and everyone else in between, there’s an Android Wear app for your life purpose.

These 21 apps prove that a smartwatch app shouldn’t be a watered-down version of the useful, powerful and customizable app on your smartphone. Having said that, Google’s Android Wear platform is still an evolving project—a great work in progress. The best is still to come. However, these current crops are the Best Android Wear apps to whirl awesomely on your wrist from March 2017.

Let’s take them out for a spin.

Shall we?

Must-Haves for Android Wear

1. Wear Store for Wear apps

best android wear apps - wear store for wear appsYou probably went straight to Play Store to browse through, select and download the best Android Wear-compatible apps to your new smartwatch.

But on reaching the Play Store, you were a little confused about where to begin—all you probably saw were smartphone apps only.

In came Wear Store, the Play Store specifically for Android Wear-based smartwatch apps. The apps are organized into categories, so it is easy to get to them and do way more, much faster.

From on here, you can easily check and read reviews specific to Android Wear apps, too.

Get Wear Store for Android Wear for FREE

2. Task Manager for Android Wear

android wear task managerCheck everything your clever wristwatch has been up to lately with the Task Manager for Android.

See how much RAM is free for your next task and even clear up some to make your intelligent wearable reasonably fast.

You can also organize things and delete junk to decongest memory for more important memorable moments or docs.

Get Task Manager for Android Wear for FREE

Best Android Wear Apps: Health and Fitness

3. Endomondo

endomondo_android_wearEndomondo is a fantastic health and fitness app to help you lose your phone and track all your vitals in a standalone mode via the Endomondo Android Wear apps—definetly one of the best Android Wear apps available.

Just like with the other device versions, you can tag all exercise metrics including on walks, climbs, runs, bike runs, and so on right on your watch.

If your smartwatch is clever enough to have inbuilt GPS support, then you can tag all the important distance, route, etc data directly to the watch as well.

No phone needed.

Get Endomondo for Android Wear for FREE

4. Runtastic (free) and Runtastic Pro

runtasticThe runner-friendly app for the wrist wearable easy to use with a one-tap operation and supports start/stop voice commands. The app also shows distance covered, calories burnt, time and date, so you can stay on top of your fitness plan.

If you need some cheering along, a little competition to keep you on your toes, there are over 40 million registered Runtastic members to battle it out with on the track and a number of social features to keep you yearning for the track all the more.

The Runtastic Running Pro version is rich with advanced health metrics analysis tools, live stats, voice coaching, a workout diary, training goals and plans, and much more.

Your heart must thank you for sporting the Runtastic app.

Get Runtastic for Android Wear for FREE

5. Sleep as Android

The smartphone version of Sleep as Android needs you to sleep with your smartphone nearby (on the mattress) to learn your sleeping patterns and report to you later the next day.

The smartwatch version is even better. It can be particularly accurate since you actually have it on your wrist, and it can detect whether you are lying still or keep moving about restless.

Get a more detailed perspective of your sleeping habits by checking out the graphs and charts it calibrates for you. It also comes with an advanced alarm system to help you wake up at the right time, not to forget some cool integration features that allow you to control the Phillips Hue smart bulb (among others) and dim your energy to sleep too.

Get Sleep as Android for Android Wear for FREE

6. Jawbone’s UP app

jawbone up appJawbone, one of the leading health tech pioneers worldwide, now fully support an Android Wear version of the UP smartphone app.

By installing the app on your wrist timepiece, you eliminate the need to buy a separate Jawbone app to track your daily steps.

And if you are familiar with Google Fit, UP will be a no-brainer to activate and work with. However, it is not all Google Fit here, and Jawbone lets you tap into its legendary health and fitness analysis, personal training and workout tech ecosystem so you can spoil yourself.

Get Jawbone Up for Android Wear for FREE

7. RunKeeper

runkeeper android wearThis is a fantastic running app that’ll set you through your paces towards great health.

It does track walking, biking, and jogging in addition to running sessions. It lets you view directly from the watch screen your miles per minute speed, distance covered, time and date, calories torched, as well as real-time exercise stats.

Moreover, you can tap on the screen to start/pause/stop activity recording by following up with a verbal command such as “start”, “pause” or “stop”.

We like the level of detail that the app gives, too. It’ll show up a summary card that displays all the important session data you need when you need it. For long-term statistics and even more advanced stats, there’s a subscription to help unlock those.

Get RunKeeper for Android Wear for FREE

Best Android Wear Apps: Business

8. Evernote

android wear evernoteHere’s the king of productivity on steroids, well, on a wrist. Note-taking on the go just got better. The newest version of Evernote works seamlessly on Wear OS and even better from the wrist.

Here, though, the app takes on a new note by fully supporting voice commands—that high-flying Android Wear necessity.

So you can pull up a note by simply saying, “OK, Google, take a note”. That verbal spit out launches and activates the app. Then go on and dictate to your timepiece.

Otherwise, simply tap on the watch home screen, select “take a note”, then dictate. If the cold has messed your vocals, you might not be so lucky.

Get Evernote for Android Wear for FREE

9. WearCalc Calculator for Android Wear

Need a simple, cramp-free calculator to whip up the numbers from your wrist?

The Calculator for Android Wear apps figures things out for you and brings the power of fancy computations to your wrist.

It is also darn easy to pull up and work on, from and with, so you can even calculate a tip before that waiter can even figure out the total bill.

Get Calculator for Android Wear for FREE

10. At Work

At Work android wearIf you are a small business owner or freelance worker, this tiny app maybe what you need to slap on your wrist. All you need to do is grab At Work from the Play Store (or Wear Store), tap on it and punch for the day.

The app will go to work by simply starting a timer that’ll help you record the amount of time you spend on the job—or how much slack time you are on to these days.

When you are done, just punch out right on your watch’s. At work will keep that data for your analysis later on.

Get At Work for Android Wear for FREE

11. Level Money

Use Level Money smartwatch app to keep a watch on finances close up, literally. Small businesses can use the app to help them manage their money by tracking expenses.

That way, they know how much they currently have (“Spendable”) to be able to buy what supplies, at what time (month, week, or day).

To amplify your financial tracking, you can add your bank and credit card accounts—18,000 financial institutions supported. Rest assured your money is secured, too.

The app is powered by Capital One, and it utilizes 128-Bit SSL and AES encryption and verified security from cyber security titans Intuit and McAfee.

Get Level Money for Android Wear for FREE

12. Contacts+

contacts plusThis is a great contacts manager for Android smart wearables.

It is particularly interested in integrating your phone number to your social media handles.

Think of it as a smart business card, too. Simply bump your NFC-enabled smartphone or watch to another NFC-supporting device and that’s it. You’ve just shared your contacts.

No need for a business card.

That way you can stay up to date with the important people in your circles, from the wrist. If they call or text, the Contacts+ Android Wear app will ping you with an alert from the wrist.

Get Contacts+ for Android Wear for FREE

Best Android Wear Apps: Social

13. WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp has had support for Android Wear since the clunky days—back in 2014.

Currently, the app enjoys full support on Wear.

So you view full messages from the important people in your life and reply using voice command.

Get WhatsApp Messenger for Android Wear for FREE

14. Coffee

Coffee android wearCreated specifically for the Wear platform, Coffee is an SMS messaging app for your smartwatch that lets you text family and friends, configure settings and organize your contacts.

It comes with quick-reply responses that are organized in categories.

That way you need not scroll for a minute before selecting the best fitting quick response to forward through.

You, of course, receive incoming text notifications from the display.

And if you choose to compose a new message, you can either use the quick-reply snippets or talk back thanks to voice-reply support.

Get Coffee for Android Wear for FREE

15. Wear Messenger

The texting app enables you to use a customizable keyboard platform to compose text messages entirely from the watch.

The only contact you’ll have with the accompanying smartphone app is when setting app the Wear extension of that app, say choosing one of a few keyboard options such as FlickKey.

You’ll be able to view all active conversations, type out replies, receive text notifications and it also supports voice replies. For all its features, Wear Messenger costs $2 to download.

Get Wear Messenger for Android Wear for FREE

Android Wear: Languages

16. Duolingo

duolingoThink you can hack a new language from your time on the bus, train or plane trips smartphone-free?

Yes, you can.

Just install Duolingo to your Android wearable.

Then use a cool and easy to follow images, text, verbal banters to learn a new language of your choice.

However, as of now, only those wanting to learn German, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch are so lucky.

The Android Wear version of Duolingo works by creating useful flashcards to keep you going.

Get Duolingo for Android Wear for FREE

Update Sept 2016: It seems that Duolingo has been removed from the Wear Store

Best Android Wear Apps: Location Tracking

Google Maps for Android Wear aside, here are some great alternatives:

17. @Here

Need step by step guidance to a destination you may know little about?

The @Here app will help you do so from stealing a glimpse on your wrist. It works really well with both rounded and square watch faces. That way you won’t find obscured or “missing” on-screen prompts such as the settings tab inconveniently tucked beyond the small display of a smartwatch.

The accuracy of this thing is something comparable only to Google Maps. It works seamlessly too, and can pinpoint a destination right until arrival right from the wrist. But you’ll need a GPS-enabled watch to play along.

Get @Here for Android Wear for FREE

18. CityMapper

This handy little Wear app will be a favorite with city residents, especially.

You can use it to guide your steps right to the entrance of your destination. It particularly works to give you travel information based on transit schedules and maps.

Tap on it and the CityMapper app will let you know the cheapest way to get there, too. And if there are delays along the tube or road up ahead, the app will help you skip it all and find the fastest alternative route to your destination.

Get CityMapper for Android Wear for FREE

19. Glympse

With Glympse in tow, you’ll no longer need a phone to find or be found by family and friends—right down to your exact location.

There are over 1 million members on here, so it’ll be likely that you find a couple of persons of interest to you here.

You can also share your exact location via contacts if directing a friend, or show the world where you are having a blast via your various social media handle.

You won’t need your phone to do this.

All tasks on the watch only.

Get Glympse for Android Wear for FREE

Best Android Wear Apps: Utility

20. IF by IFTTT

iftttThe IF This Then That app is an ingenious way to connect a number of intelligent devices together and create a smart ecosystem you can control right off your sleeves.

The platform (that’s what it is) lets you tag compatible devices and apps such as a smart light bulb or a smart music system via a wireless connection and control them remotely.

So you can dim the lights and tone down the music from the bedroom when you want to sleep or otherwise, and so on.

You can even use the If Android Wear apps to automate sending particular SMS messages by tapping on the watch.

Get IF for Android Wear for FREE

21. Find My Phone

Find My PhoneThis very popular app has enabled hundreds if not thousands of smartphone owners to get back their little expensive tech pets back home or back to their pockets.

Whether indoors or out, Find My Phone for Android Wear helps you configure visual and audio signals that’ll let you know when you are getting away from your phone.

Also, if you can’t find it, you can activate the phone’s alarm (even if it’s in silent mode), flashlights, or whatever other signals you two conspired up to let you find it.

Of course, you’ll need to configure the phone app first and link it to the Wear app before enjoying the benefits. Oh, most of the most useful features will need a $1.99 cut to free up.

Get Find My Phone for Android Wear for FREE

22. Wear Mini Launcher

This app picks up and takes the scrolling action of smartphones (we are all familiar with) to the tiny screen of the intelligent watch.

You know it can be frustrating trying to find a specific app from the default Android Wear launcher, right?

For example, to access the shortcut route to settings on your smartphone you only need to swipe a finger down from the top of your phone.

With Wear Mini Launcher for smartwatches, you only need to double-swipe from the left to access quick settings.Do so once and you are led to scroll through the full drawer or list of all apps installed on the watch.

The app comes complete with smartphone-like staples that include time and date, notifications, and access to your linked smartphone’s quick settings such as WI-FI and brightness—so you can adjust those from the wrist on your watch.

Get Wear Minilauncher for Android Wear for FREE

23. InstaWeather

Receive instant (hence the name) meteorological reports in your area and areas you are heading to as well.

Wear the InstaWeather for Wear app and rest assured you’ll be notified if a shower is headed your route. The app even calculates how far away (in distance and time) the drenching experience may happen.

Lift up your wrist and you’ll not only be stunning some cool (and multiple) watch faces, but you’ll also have a look at the time, date, hourly weather forecasts and radar maps, and more from a swift glimpse at your wrist wearable.

If you want one of the best Weather Android Wear apps comes close.

Get InstaWeather for Android Wear for FREE

Best Android Wear Apps: Watch Faces and Games

24. Rappier Watch Face

rapier watch faceAdmittedly, there are tons of watch faces to slap on your watch’s screen. Rappier Watch Face cuts through the junky mess and brings some of the best, useful features we have seen.

It comes with a myriad of customizations including choosing design and background colors.

It shows the time and dates (of course), incoming text, SMS, and email messages, as well as displaying unread SMS and mail messages and missed calls.Way cooler is that it does display heart rate—although we’d rather stick to dedicated heart rate trackers.

Yet, it is a good try—better than most of the competition by a light year (or two).

Get Rapier for Android Wear for FREE

25. SofaScore Live Scores

SofaScore Live Scores Android Wear apps let you keep count on all your favorite teams’ progress.

It displays live stats of ongoing games, from almost the entire sporting spectrum; from football to athletics to cycling, it will track and figure it all on your behalf.

The app even alerts you when a game you are following is up with scores of how great (or otherwise) it went.

No more having to do a ton of browsing on the web to get match specifics from games all around the globe.

Get SofaScore Live Scores for Android Wear for FREE

26. Lifeline 2

lifeline 2Who wants to play on a smartwatch? Clearly, over thousands upon thousands of citizens of Android Wear World.

Lifeline 2 is the second installment of the popular Lifeline text-based adventure game.

The plot revolves around Arika (and Taylor in Lifeline 1).

You need to help her avenge her parents’ murder while trying to keep her brothers off of trouble—by first rescuing them.

Get LifeLine 2 for Android Wear for FREE

Best Android Wear Apps 2017

That’s it! A bunch of 26 best Android Wear apps to use to knock yourself out. Think we’ve missed some worthy Wear masterpieces from this list, share with the rest of the community right below in the comments section.

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