10 of the Best Accessories for Your New Apple Watch

10 of the Best Accessories for Your Apple Watch

While the awesome new Apple Watch is arguably the most well appointed smartwatch on the market (and at around £249 for the base model, it should be), it may not have absolutely everything that everyone wants.

Here Comes the Apple Watch, Here Come the Accessories

So, as with almost every other Apple product, aftermarket devices and accessories designed specifically for the Apple Watch are expected to carve out a big corner for themselves.

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Even though you won’t be able to get your hands on an Apple Watch for another few weeks, many accessories are already announced, and some are even available. While the list is sure to grow in the coming months as people begin to use this new wearable, here are the ten Apple Watch accessories we like best so far.

Apple Watch 2 price when reviewed: $399


1. Mega Tiny Corp Screen Protector

Think of how many smudges there are on your iPad display. A lot, right? Now think of how many smudges are going to be on your Apple Watch’s compact 42mm (or even smaller 38mm) face. That’s not good. You’ll want some protection.

Mega Tiny Corp makes excellent screen protectors for iPhone 6 (and 6 Plus), and they’re already out of the gate with one for the Apple Watch. It not only protects against fingerprints and grime, but it can help to keep away scratches, dings, and those dreaded cracks.

It won’t impede your view of the display at all, and it’s totally touch sensitive. It’s like an invisible force shield around your new toy, and with its highly affordable price (around £6), you can’t afford not to get one.

Mega Tiny Corp Screen Protector

2. X-Doria Defense Edge

Once you’ve got your Apple Watch’s display covered, you’ll want to think about protecting its edges. The X-Doria Defense Edge simply snaps on to provide a bumper on all sides of your device without obscuring the crown or the heart monitor on the back.

It comes in a few colours for both the 38mm and 42mm sizes, and it’s rather elegant looking too. It’s expected to retail for around £20, which is not a bad investment if you want to protect your bigger investment.

X-Doria Defense Edge

3. The Bumper by ActionProof

Much more rugged and sporty looking than the X-Doria protector, the Bumper by ActionProof is made of ultra resistant rubber, so you can wear your Apple Watch in all sorts of rough and tumble situations and know that it’s well protected.

This product is still in the crowdfunding state, but as of this writing, it’s almost reached its goal, and we’re confident that it will be on the market this summer as promised. It’s priced about the same as the X-Doria (that’s £20) — it just affords a different aesthetic.

The initial offerings will be black or white and will fit only the 42mm Apple Watch, though a smaller version may be in the works.

The Bumper by ActionProof

4. Rest Composure Charger Dock

The MagSafe inductive charging technology on the Apple Watch is both simple and innovative, using magnets rather than exposed contacts to power up. This opens the door to all sorts of interesting docks and chargers like the Rest Composure Charger Dock, which offers the functionality of this advanced charging system in a design that’s most traditionally Zen.

It’s like a little bed for your new prised possession, and will coordinate equally well with both a contemporary office and a tatami room. It looks like a simple wood slab; indeed, the top is made of walnut. The Apple Watch rests on top, the charging magnet connects, and the device charges.

It’s actually a lovely accessory and is expected to retail for around £60 once it’s released.

Rest Composure Charger Dock

5. DodoCase Charging Stand

This is another attractive Apple Watch charger that’s also made of walnut, but it’s less minimalist in its design than the Rest Composure edition.

This is carved wood with a heavy stainless steel base, and it both charges and holds the watch up so you can see the face. It’s perhaps intended for bedside charging: you can wake up in the middle of the night, look over, and see your watch easily.

The charging wire is coiled inside so it’s hidden from view. The DodoCase is a really nice combination of elegance and functionality, and it’s also expected to retail for around £60.

DodoCase Charging Stand

6. Bandstand

This third stand on our list has a shape that’s similar to the DodoCase: it puts the watch on display so you can actually see it while you’re lying in bed or standing on the other side of the room.

There’s no wood in its construction, so it doesn’t have the classic aesthetic that the previous two chargers have. However, in addition to just a stand, the Bandstand also works as a charging station for your other devices via two USB ports on the base. It’s as handy as it is attractive.


7. Reserve Strap

Look: there will be a lot of straps out there for the Apple Watch, but most of them won’t do much other than affix the timepiece to your wrist.

The Reserve Strap, however, is different. What makes it special are the embedded lithium polymer cells that actually charge your Apple Watch while you’re wearing it. Now that’s helpful!

One possible hitch, though, is that initial reports suggest that the strap may get in the way of the watch’s heart rate sensor, since the charging contacts are essentially in the same place.

However, it’s possible that this issue may get resolved before the product’s release. If it’s not, and if you’re willing to forgo that feature, this strap could be very helpful for heavy users — if they are willing to pay for it.

Another hitch is the Reserve Strap’s cost: about £170. So, you’ll pay a lot for the convenience of the added power, but if you’re on the go a lot and come to depend on your Apple Watch, the price may be worth it.

Reserve Strap

8. Custom Casetify Straps

Continuing the trend of universal customisation and printing photos on the surface of just about everything, Casetify allows you to create a one of a kind strap for your Apple Watch using your own photo or photos.

There’s no innovative technology or added convenience here; it’s just cool. Plus, it’s affordable: for around £35 (including free shipping to anywhere in the world), you can make your watch truly your own.

Custom Casetify Straps

9. Pad & Quill Roll Up Kit

Intended for travellers and anyone on the go who need to take their Apple Watch and its accouterments with them, the Pad & Quill Roll Up Kit is a simple and sophisticated leather case.

It’s lined with linen, so there’s no chance of scratching the display, and there are slots for the watch, its charger, and an additional strap. It’s compact — about the size of a wallet — and is expected to retail for around £35.

Pad _ Quill Roll Up Kit

10. Var Cyclip

With everything the Apple Watch can do, it makes a perfect bike computer. The only problem is, wearing it on your wrist when you’re out cycling isn’t exactly practical.

Enter the Var Cyclip handlebar adaptor (the first of its kind, we might add) to put your Apple Watch right where you need it. The adaptor itself is easy to install on a bike, motorcycle, moped, or any other two-wheeler.

It’s got a clean, simple design, yet it’s totally durable and protective. The first iteration is made for the 42mm Apple Watch, though it’s possible that one for the 38mm version will be produced too. No pricing information is available yet.

Var Cyclip

In Conclusion

Surely, we’re just scratching the surface here. As people begin to buy and use the Apple Watch, it’s practically a given that more and more accessories will come to market.

A year from now, this list will look totally different, but as things stand today, these are the Apple Watch accessories we’re most excited about.

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