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Bellabeat Leaf Fitness Tracker - Fashionable Smart Jewellery
beallabeat leaf fitness tracker smart jewellery feature

Bellabeat Leaf Fitness Tracker – Fashionable Smart Jewellery

All About Aesthetics

Bellabeat Leaf is one of only a few exceptions, because fitness trackers usually look like sports gear. They’re either big and clunky, thin and rubbery, or just plain techy looking. And while lots of people have made their peace with their somewhat unattractive wrist adornment because they like that it provides them with valuable data, there should be a way to combine good aesthetics with good functionality.

Smart jewellery is an emerging wearable market, and one of the hottest devices in this category is the Bellabeat Leaf. Billed as the world’s smartest piece of jewellery, the Leaf looks cool, it’s versatile, and it gathers all sorts of metrics regarding your health and wellness.

For the woman who wants a capable fitness tracker but isn’t willing to sacrifice appearance for the sake of activity tracking, the Bellabeat Leaf is an ideal solution.

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Bellabeat Leaf price when reviewed: $119.99


What Bellabeat Leaf Tracks

beallabeat leaf smart jewelleryThe Leaf is as powerful as any mid-range fitness tracker that’s on the market today. Like many other devices, it’s got a tri-axis accelerometer to keep tabs on things like distance travelled, calories burned, and how well you’re sleeping. If you’re stressed, nervous, or anxious, the Leaf app will let you know that your breathing rate is elevated, then walk you through some breathing exercises to get centred and focused.

Plus, unlike most other wearables, the Leaf has one particular feature that’s specific to women: reminders about where you are in your menstrual cycle. You’ll know when you’re ovulating, when your period will start, and when you can justify those premenstrual headaches. And, unlike many trackers, there’s no charging required. Instead, the Leaf is powered by a button cell battery that should last for six months. Replacing it is easy and can be done on your own.

It Really Does Look Good

beallabeat leaf fitness trackerTrue to its name, the Leaf is shaped life a leaf. It’s more of a laurel or magnolia shape, rather than a maple, ginkgo, or oak, which is to say it’s streamlined and subtle. The original Leaf is made from shiny stainless steel and beige American ashwood. However, if you’d rather have one made from more sophisticated materials, there’s a Leaf made from black wood and rose gold steel plating, and there’s a limited edition Leaf made from bog oak and gold steel plating.

The Leaf can be worn in a few different ways. It makes a funky bracelet, and your friend and colleagues would never suspect that it’s tracking your activity. Or, if you’d rather not wear it on your wrist, Leaf can be worn around the neck on a chain. Finally, it can be secured on a shirt or jacket lapel as a clip or pin. However you choose to wear it, the Leaf will gather your information, and at just 18g, it’s incredibly lightweight on your wrist, neck, or clothing.

Some Minor Downsides

bellabeat leaf fitness tracker smart jewelleryWhile the Leaf is a highly capable tracking device, it can’t do everything. There’s no heart rate monitoring, no built-in GPS, and no display — though that last detail is probably to be expected. It is a piece of jewellery, after all. It’s also not waterproof, which means that if you’re wearing it as a necklace or bracelet, you’ve got to remember to take it off before swimming or showering.

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And of course, the Leaf probably won’t appeal to men, but that may be a very good thing. With so many trackers lacking a feminine aesthetic, it’s probably about time that manufacturers started giving some attention to what their female customers might want in a tracker.

Of Course It’s Popular!

Bellabeat started shipping the Leaf in May, and the first batches sold out quickly. As of this writing, Bellabeat is taking reservations for the next round of Leafs (or is it Leaves?) that they produce. Apparently, there are women everywhere who have been waiting for a piece of smart jewellery like this!

The Leaf is priced competitively, given what it does versus what other similarly equipped devices can do. The regular Leaf retails for $119.99 USD (about £78), while the rose gold version is $149.99 (£98) and the limited edition gold version is $249.99 (£163). Plus, it looks great, and can you really put a price on that?

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