The Barclaycard Contactless Glove

Two Problems, One Solution

The Barclaycard Contactless Glove addresses two problems. First, it can be a hassle to dig a credit card out of a pocket or purse when your arms are loaded down with items you’d like to purchase. This can prolong your time at the register, which can be annoying to others in the queue, especially when it’s the holiday shopping season and everyone’s just a little tense. And second, when you’re doing your Christmas shopping, it’s usually cold out. Gloves may keep your hands warm, but they make simple tasks like paying for things a bit of a challenge.

Why not, the thinking behind the Barclaycard Contactless Glove goes, combine personal payment options with a warm and comfortable glove? This not only solves the two aforementioned problems, but it makes all payment transactions faster, easier, and a whole lot more convenient.

Tap, Pay, Go

Using the Barclaycard Contactless Glove is easy. While you’re wearing it, simply tap it on the payment-enabled credit device at your favourite retailer. Your payment is then quickly registered with Barclaycard. All you have to do is grab your receipt, take your purchases, and go. That’s it!

Unlike a lot of wearables, the Barclaycard Contactless Glove doesn’t look like another device. While it’s still in the early stages, all of its prototypes have been fairly stylish: black and sleek. Plus, rumour has it that gender specific models are in the works, with a women’s version that is softer and more feminine than the more rugged male counterpart.

Testing Now, Available Soon

The Barclaycard Contactless Glove is in the testing stages now, but feedback has been positive. As many people expected, consumers who use it appreciate the convenience, and consumers in line behind someone using it appreciate the quick checkout time. Thanks to its early limited success, some speculate that the Barclaycard Contactless Glove will be available to the general public by the 2015 holiday shopping season.

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