Is Awear fashion’s answer to Shazam?

Have you ever found yourself coveting the clothing of a complete stranger? Perhaps all those hours fostering virtual relationships has made you too shy to approach said stranger and enquire as to where the garment was purchased? Ever wished there was an App like Shazam to find out for you? Awear Solutions aims to do just that.

The premise is to encourage fashion manufacturers and retailers to embed chips in their clothing and accessories so that anyone with the Awear companion App can scan sought after products (from up to 30 feet away) and receive style details, pictures and even purchase or share the details of the product online.

This Spring DKNY has signed up as the company’s first official partnership for an Easter themed event at their Madison Avenue store. The ‘Easter Egg’ hunt involved shoppers trying to discover tagged items of clothing via an app that showed the user if they were getting hotter or colder, and would pop up and scan in the app when within proximity.

Whether or not the real world application will take off rests on the success of attracting even more big brands that would be willing to embed their items of clothing with the chips. But, as was pointed out in an article by Bustle there could be certain advantages for labels who choose to adopt Awear Solution’s idea. Brands could reap the potential benefits of increased visibility for their product and inexpensive marketing .

Liron Slonimsky, was inspired to work on the idea after an awkward encounter with a stranger who was less than kind after being asked her bag. The Israeli writer and now-tech entrepreneur hopes to bring the technology to our streets as early as next year.

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