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The Autographer: An app-enabled wearable camera

The Autographer

If you haven’t heard of the Autographer it is not (as the name might suggest) a way to collect autographs but an app-enabled auto-matic photo-grapher hailed by the manufacturers as the “world’s first intelligent, werarable camera” that can be hung round, clipped on or mounted about your person to take photos automatically. And whilst the ability to capture your entire day for a £1 under 300 quid might strike you as nothing but a plaything for privileged narcissists, it could just prove to be the cure for the current wave of camera crazed nuts who spend too much time behind the lens.

The world’s first intelligent, werarable camera

Stay in the moment

AutographerCollectively, we are taking more photos now than ever before, and whilst the prospect of a Smartphone connected camera that can take a constant stream of photos might sound like adding fuel to fire, Autographer might just help change the way we take photos for the better. In an age where the immediate response for many parents is to whip out a phone or camera and hit record whenever their child does something funny, or touching, or is just there; with an Autographer clipped on or hung round your neck you could embrace milestones like first steps and still be able to re-live the moment (and share it on Facebook…) without detracting from the moment. And a further upshot of not immediately reaching for the camera whenever you want to capture a moment worth remembering is that you’re more likely to remember it.

A recent study by psychologist, Dr. Linda Henkel, saw a group of 28 students take a tour of a museum where they were asked to observe 15 objects and photograph 15 others. The findings indicate what Henkel calls the ‘photo-taking impairment effect’, which in essence means that when we take photos we negate our responsibility to remember and in effect outsource the function of our memory to the camera resulting in poorer recall. The Autographer gives us the best of both world’s by giving us the freedom to live in the moment as well as collect snapshots that we can look over after the event.

Automatic candid captures

The Autographer consists of a 136° wide angle lens, 5 built-in sensors, and GPS to help it gain a sense of the environment around you, and capture your surroundings automatically. As an avid amateur (mostly mobile) photographer, the thought of acquiescing control of when and what is being photographed to a machine terrifies me; what is even more terrifying is that from the looks of it, the the Autographer might actually be a better photographer than me:











The wide-angle lens was custom built to recreate your range of vision and the results are naturally candid and authentic; from raw emotion on the faces of those around you to stunning landscapes the Autographer captures it all.

The future of photography?

I don’t see the Autographer replacing the camera (or even mobile photography) anytime soon; but in the backlash of our image saturated online digital world the Autographer might just let us have our cake, taken pictures of it, and eat it too by allowing us to take photos as well as create memories worth remembering. If you like the concept, you can find out more or even order up on for yourself from the Autographer store (where you can also sign up for their weekly prize draw to win one).

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