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10 Great Apps That Work with Fitbit
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10 Great Apps That Work with Fitbit

Fitbit is to the fitness industry what Apple is to the Smartphone market. It is one of the best-known brands, with millions of people using their range of products to get fitter and healthier. While the Fitbit app provides plenty of features and functionality, you can get even more from third party apps. One major advantage of third party apps that work with Fitbit is that you are able to get a more comprehensive overview of your physical health and fitness, instead of just relying on one source. You are also able to go far beyond what Fitbit can offer on its own in regards to functionality.

Whether you are looking to boost your weight loss efforts or ramp up your fitness program, here are the top 10 Fitbit compatible apps to get your hands on.

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1. Strava

apps that work with fitbit stravaStrava is one of the most popular fitness apps around, mostly beloved for its ability to connect different athletes. Especially popular is the Live Segments feature, which allows to compete against other athletes on specific route segments.

Thanks to its plethora of helpful features and popularity, plenty of fitness devices have sought to give their users access to Strava. Fitbit has followed wearable manufacturers like Garmin and Polar down the path.

When connected, the two apps are able to exchange data sets. All your activity and fitness data recorded on Fitbit shows up on your Strava account and you can share it with friends. Similarly, any activities such as runs and rides that have been tracked through Strava will be automatically added to your daily Fitbit stats including total active minutes and total calories burnt.

According to Fitbit, certain activities are exempted from syncing with Strava. They include past activities or workouts that have already been completed, non-GPS activities and duplicate activities (for example, if you recorded a run with both Strava and Fitbit, the generated data cannot be synced).

Connecting both apps is as simple as visiting and following the instructions. This help article from Fitbit talks more about connecting your Fitbit and Strava accounts.

2. SparkPeople

sparkpeople app that works with fitbitSparkPeople is a top health and lifestyle website and dieting guide that aims at helping people lose weight, get healthier and get fitter. The collaboration between SparkPeople and Fitbit has been around for several years now, since it was announced back in 2012.

With SparkPeople, you can track your calories, record what you eat, keep track of your weight and engage in a personalized fitness program. When you connect to Fitbit, all this data easily syncs to your Fitbit app. So in addition to all the workout and activity records you have on your Fitbit, you can also see how well you are doing on the dieting side of things. This is exactly what I meant when I mentioned how third party apps provided a more comprehensive overview of your health and fitness.

To connect the two, just visit Here you will find all the instructions you need to connect the two accounts. Your SparkPeople account is automatically updated every time you sync your Fitbit data.

3. FitTap

fittapOne common frustration with fitness tracking apps and gadgets, is that you have to enter some of the data manually. While an app may automatically record the distance you have jogged, it will not know that you have just drank 2 glasses of water or eaten a fruit; you have to enter that information manually.

For people with busy lifestyles, and anyone for that matter, it is easy to forget to fill in some of this information. FitTap makes it easy to track your activities, sleep, water, weight and diet by using NFC tags. There is no need to power on a gadget or open an app, just scan the tag and you are good to go. Something that would have taken a few minutes to complete takes just a second or two.

Even better, you can connect your FitTap app to your Fitbit account and access your data seamlessly. FitTap is especially helpful for recurring activities such as jogging, sleep, swimming, drinking water and so on. Instead of spending time having to fill in information every time you do something, you simply scan your tags. This information will then be readily available on your Fitbit account. It will be integrated into your daily activity and calorie count records.

4. Fitstar

fitstar appFitStar is another widely popular fitness app that provides highly customized workout sessions. The video sessions are led by actual personal trainers, with the current ones being former NFL star, Tony Gonzalez and acclaimed fitness and nutrition enthusiast, Tara Stiles.

But the best thing about FitStar is how it is able to understand your progress and limits and create a workout program that works perfectly for you. For instance, many people tend to quit their workout programs when it gets too hard or they think they are not making progress. When FitStar senses that you are having trouble with a certain workout, it limits the number of times it asks you to do it. This way, you progress slowly but surely.

There are actually two separate FitStar apps that are compatible with Fitbit; FitStar Personal Trainer and FitStar Yoga. After connecting to Fitbit, any activity recorded on FitStar apps is automatically synced with your Fitbit data. Your daily activity records on Fitbit will include whatever you have tracked with FitStar including type of activity, duration and number of calories burned.

5. MyFitnessPal

myfitnesspal app compatible with fitbitMyFitnessPal is one of the most acclaimed calorie counters you can get. With the app, users are able to get a grip on their calorie intake by tracking and changing what they eat. The main aim of MyFitnessPal is to help people lose weight by watching their calories.

As well as being a calorie counter, it also functions as a food journal, something that has been found to be effective in losing weight. You can keep a daily food log of what you eat and drink and see how many calories you are consuming per day. With this information at your hands, it becomes easier to plan effective exercise schedules and make dietary adjustment to reach your weight loss and fitness goals. With the app, you can also collect recipes from all over the internet and curate them under the app, making it easier to go through them and use them to better your diet.

By connecting MyFitnessPal with Fitbit, you are taking the powerful dietary aids of one and integrating them with the powerful exercise aids of another. The result is an all-round view of your lifestyle and better management of your health and fitness. Your dietary summaries, calorie count and food log summaries will appear on your Fitbit account, seamlessly integrated with your fitness data.

6. Lumosity

lumosity appOver and over again, scientists have told us that exercise directly impacts how sharp the brain is. Regular workouts result in a sharper, stronger and healthier brain. For people heading into their sunset years, regular exercise is crucial in preventing common brain maladies.

Don’t believe us? Just link your Lumosity app to Fitbit and see for yourself. Luminosity is a website and app that focuses on brain training programs. Through various mental activities, users can improve memory, processing speed, attention span and flexibility in thinking. This makes it the perfect app to tests the effects of exercise on the brain.

For the moment, it seems like Fitbit is available only to premium Luminosity users. Once you link the two apps, your Lumosity data will be synced to Fitbit. By integrating your fitness data with your mental performance data, you can easily see how one relates to the other. If you have been exercising often and regularly, you should see your scores on Lumosity go up as your brain benefits from the workouts.

If your activity levels go down for a period, you are likely to see the same change on your Lumosity scores. Nothing like the fear of dulling mental sharpness to motivate you back to the gym.

7. Endomondo

endomondoOwned by Under Armour, Endomondo is a fitness tracking app with a focus on social networking. In terms of fitness tracking, it works just like any other fitness trainer. It tracks most distance-based sports including running, cycling, hiking, kayaking and many others. It measures and tracks metrics such as speed, distance, duration, pace and calories burned. It can also keep track of your routes by using GPS connectivity. From this data, the app can analyze your workouts, make summaries and recommend changes.

One of the best parts of Endomondo is the social networking feature. Through the app, you can connect to friends, family and work colleagues. You can challenge friends to a workout, share your data or see them live as they workout. You can also interact with members of your social circle through comments.

The social feature creates plenty of motivation for individuals to keep going. By challenging your friends, you can introduce a fun competitive edge your workouts. While the app may not be for a professional athlete, it works perfectly well for anyone looking to get fitter while still connecting with friends.

You can get all these benefits and more by linking your Endomondo and Fitbit apps. By syncing the two, all your data including calories, steps, distance and even sleep appears in one place on your Fitbit app. There is no need to keep switching between the two to see how well your workouts are progressing.

8. DriveBit

DriveBit is a small but extremely useful application that every Fitbit user should link up with. One common problem Fitbit users encounter is the app erroneously recording steps when you are driving. The gadget interprets some bumps and other car movements as steps. This is especially bad if you are driving on an extra rough road.

With DriveBit, you do not have to worry about Fitbit recording steps that did not happen. The first step to take is connect the two apps. Whenever you are about to start your commute, whether in your own car or public transport, just launch the app and tap the start button. It will record the duration of the drive, log it and communicate the date to Fitbit. Fitbit then corrects your daily activity records accordingly. The result is a more accurate description of your activity and workouts.

You can select what type of transport you are going to be using or create a new one depending on how you get around.

9. MapMyRun

mapmyrun for gitbitMapMyRun is an app that acts as an activity tracker, an activity mapping and routing aid and a food logger. To track your activities, the app uses your phone’s GPS connectivity to track and measure metrics such as speed, distance, duration, elevation and pace. As a mapping app, it has over 70 million routes to choose from across major cities from New York in the United States to Edinburgh in Scotland. You can also see which routes you have run before.

Since fitness is not just about going on a run, the app also allows users to log their food intake. However, you do not log directly on the app. You have to use MyFitnessPal to log your nutritional information and then link it to MapMyRun.

By connecting MapMyRun and Fitbit you will have a wider array of fitness and nutrition data at your hands. All your activities from MapMyRun including workout metrics, are synced to Fitbit, allowing you to track your fitness progress as well as your nutritional lifestyle.

10. Lose It!

lose it app for fitbitAnother weight loss-focused app that is a must for any Fitbit user looking to boost overall fitness and health. Lose It primarily acts a food diary, allowing you to log in what food you are taking in and in what amounts. It also keeps track of your calorie count, giving you an idea of how healthy your diet is.

Link up this app with Fitbit to see your nutritional data alongside your workout data. Data also travels the other way. You can see how many steps you have walked and how much sleep you are having on your Lose It account.

So Many Apps That Work With Fitbit

The above list of 10 is not comprehensive; there are many more Fitbit apps you can connect to. The most important thing is to look for those apps that best serve your objectives (weight loss, better thinking, being fitter) and link up with them.

Are you a Fitbit user? Which third party app do you use? Feel free to leave your comment below.

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