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Apple Watch Spotlight: What we can expect - Appcessories.co.uk

Apple Watch Spotlight: What we can expect

The Apple Watch

All watches are designed to tell you the time, but the Apple Watch helps you make the most of it. As with other items that you wear, selecting a watch is a personal decision, and how it appeals to you is just as important as what it does. The Apple watch is intended to make incredible technology more accessible, relevant, and personal; but how will it accomplish this?

Multiple stylistic preferences

A wearable device is different from one that you carry in your pocket or keep on your desk. It is no longer viewed as just a tool, but rather a personal expression. So, the Apple Watch comes with not only two different-sized cases – 38mm and 42mm, but also three unique collections to help you find your perfect fit. The Apple Watch features sapphire crystal, stainless steel cases, and a variety of stylish straps; the Watch SPORT features strengthened Ion-X glass, anodised aluminium cases in silver, and colourful, durable straps; and the Watch EDITION features sapphire crystal, 18-carat gold cases in rose or yellow, and elegantly crafted closures and straps.

apple watch

Furthermore, each Apple Watch comes with an assortment of faces ranging from playful characters to traditional designs to beautiful and educational visualisations. Most of these faces can be widely personalised so you can choose design elements, change colours, and even add functionality. This essentially means that one Apple watch can have a multitude of different appearances, making it easy to find the one that suits you best.

Creative interaction

The level of innovation required to incorporate powerful technologies into something so small is exceptional. The Apple Watch combines an assortment of incredible feats of engineering to provide a single, unique experience that extends beyond the physical object and software that runs it.

To begin with, the smartwatch works with iPhone to recurrently check against the authoritative global time standard with similar precision to that found in GPS satellites. It uses a variety of technologies to ensure that the time stays within 50 milliseconds of the global time standard.  Additionally, the watch automatically adjusts to different time zones as you move across the longitudes, so you never have to do it yourself, and sends you notifications and alerts as per your schedule.

apple watch

The digital crown of the Apple Watch is a multi-functional input device via which you can scroll, select, and zoom without covering the screen. Also, the home screen allows you to access your favourite apps quickly, while the force-sensitive Retina display delivers extra functionality at your fingertip and the custom font makes it easy to read even at arm’s length.

More immediate connections

Being a wearable device, the Apple Watch is strategically positioned for more convenient communication. It also sends a gentle tap when you receive alerts and notifications, and provides new ways for you to connect with other Apple Watch wearers in a new, fun, and spontaneous way.

Intelligent health and fitness companion

Besides showing you the time and letting you get in touch with friends, the Apple Watch measures the quantity, quality, and frequency of your movement to give you an absolute view of your daily level of physical activity.

apple watch

The watch assesses the number of steps you talk using an accelerometer and tracks the distance travelled using the GPS and Wi-Fi in your iPhone. The feedback is delivered through the three-rings of the activity app to display your progress in an instant, giving you the motivation to sit less, move more, or get some exercise.

For those interested in cardio sessions, there is a separate Workout app specially designed for that sole purpose. After wearing the Apple Watch for some time, it will acquire information about your routine and use it to propose personalised daily fitness goals and even encourage you to realise them, so can live a healthier life.

Basically, the Apple Watch is designed to boast an exceptionally high level of innovation at every interaction, so that everything you do is as easy, flawless, and intuitive as using any of your other iOS devices.

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