Apple Watch 2 Series Complications to Check out Now

Apple Watch 2 Series complications aren’t complicated at all. Well, they are not supposed to be complicated.

They are small treats of information that tell you probably all you need from a glance on the Watch face—the most viewed Watch screen.

So some of coolest tricks you can pull off with an Apple Watch is to set things up such that you can view frequently updated information on a Watch face. You can also assign specific classes of information to display on specific Watch faces.

And now, and in line with the need for speed in launching apps, Apple has introduced a bunch of more complications and watch faces to boost.

And the best way to take advantage of the best of the new Watch Series 2 is to get an applicable Apple Watch Series complication. That’s it!

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Complications! Complications! Complications!

Apple Watch 2 Series ComplicationsComplications are determined by the Watch operating system (Watch OS). With Watch OS 3 out, complications are now particularly designed to help speed up the actual app’s launch.

Because tapping on a complication fires up the actual app it represents, it means you can quick-access the specific apps whose complications you set up on the watch face.

Also, means that the parent app is highlighted in the Watch’s background and is thus given a large share of Background Tasks memory. That, in turn, makes the app remain in hibernation mode and fire up quicker when tapped than another app that does not have a complication.

The aim of all the complication improvements is to shoot down app launch time from say 5 seconds to about 2 or 3—a definite good thing.

Third Party Complications

Since the launch of Watch OS 2, third-party developers have had the chance to come up with and build on ideas for complications to make the likes of the above possible for anyone who needs to view more information from stealing a glance at their Apple Watch face.

This is the closest Apple has come in involving third-parties (through its ClockKit extension for developers) although it is yet to fully embrace third-party development in the same way as Android, citing security and privacy reasons.

With the September 2016 launch of the Apple Series 2 watch, the company introduced Watch OS 3 and fitted the new timepiece with a 50% faster S2 chip to speed things up where it really matters—how it works. The result: a 2X faster, 2X brighter, more responsive and fluid Apple Watch experience—which means we can play with fun, more sophisticated functions such as heavy complications. And there are more of those supported by Watch OS 3 now.

Here are the Watch apps and features that just received a new assortment of Apple Watch 2 complications just for you.

Apple Watch 2 Series Complications – More of Them!

  • Apple Mail
    Quick-check new emails messages right from the Watch face
  • Apple Maps
    Check location data in a snap
  • Breathe-guided Meditation app
    There’s a new guide complication for the ardent yogi in you.
  • Find My Friends
    Quickly check close-by friends as frequently as you want and learn when you are getting closer to them right from the screen.
  • Heart Rate Monitor
    Data on your racing pulse will now display right from the top screen. So you can now view real-time heart rate stats whether you are out hitting that running trail or typing your life away at your desk’s keyboard.
  • Home App (for HomeKit controls)
    So you can control various aspects of your smart home components without doing much digging into your Watch menu.
  • Messages
    Quickly view incoming messages from your phone. Great for when you are in a meeting, for example.
  • Music
    Larger complication displays will show a track’s title while lesser ones will be capable of displaying the progress of a current playing song and so on.
  • Phone
    Quickly link-up to your phone if you want to
  • Reminders
    View upcoming events in an instant. The most urgent events display first, and the complication automatically proceeds to the next urgent event when one is accomplished.
  • Remote
    No need to scroll and scramble around the Watch app cluster, you can access your remote configurations right from the watch face.
  • Weather
    Check out weather conditions and future time forecast to help plan your day ahead. This complication is different from the temperature display one.
  • Workout
    In line with the improved support for activity and fitness tracking within Watch OS 3, Workout lets you quickly access your activity rings in prominent form.

Also, you now only need to swipe your finger from either left to right or right to left while on the home screen to switch Watch faces.

Wrap Up

The new variety of watch faces and complications show Apple is focused on improving the performance of its Watch Series. While Watch OS 3 is available for free upgrade to all Apple Watch Series owners, those buying the new Apple Watch Series 2 may very well be the best suited to take advantage of the complications that will work like charm given the hardware improvisations.

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