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iPhone 3D Touch

Apple Look Set to Drop 3D Touch

Remember when Apple launched their 3D Touch feature back in 2015? At the time, it was all that they’d go on about, and it was the flagship feature of the iPhone 6S. But if industry rumours are true, 3D Touch could be on the way out- just three years after it was introduced.

Apple tend to hold an iPhone reveal event around September, although they don’t release the exact date until days before. Around this time of year, then, the Apple rumour mill goes into overdrive, with tech insiders across the globe speculating what will be announced this year. Of course, you have to take these pieces of educated guesswork with a pinch of salt. But this year, everyone seems to agree that 3D Touch could well be history.

MacRumors, who are normally pretty reliable, quote Blayne Curtis, an analyst with Barclays, as their main source on this point. He, along with a larger team of analysts, have been touring the Asian manufacturers who make iPhone components to get a heads-up on what Apple are planning. Curtis’ main conclusion was that the latest range of high-end, larger-screen iPhones won’t come with 3D Touch. However, he (and others) have pointed out that this move might cover all 2019 models.

Apple rarely backtrack on anything, so for them to drop 3D Touch would be a big admission of defeat. Why would they make such a move? The answer is simple- it’s a pretty useless feature. For all Apple’s hype about 3D Touch revolutionising the way we use phones, it doesn’t add much to the user experience. In fact, plenty of people won’t even know it’s included.

Even at the time, Apple’s marketing chief Phil Schiller admitted that they were taking a big risk with the feature. In an interview with Bloomberg, he stated, “[W]e’re going to waste a whole year of engineering—really, two—at a tremendous amount of cost and investment in manufacturing if it doesn’t do something that [people] are going to use.”

That risk clearly didn’t pay off if Apple are planning on ditching it just three models down the line. However, that should hopefully mean that they have something big in the works to replace the feature. We’ll be keeping a close eye on what’s going on in the world of Apple. Stay tuned for their big reveal sometime next month!

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