AndroidWear Smartwatch LG G

AndroidWear Smartwatch LG G to hit UK this July for under £180

LG has confirmed that their new Smartwatch – the LG G – will hit UK shelves this July with a starting price under £180.  The details were made known to Pocket-lint whilst LG were showcasing a non-functioning prototype at an event in Weybridge yesterday.

LG have not released any details on the specification of the LG G other than it will be powered by Google’s new wearable OS – Android Wear – but are expected provide more information on its capabilities in coming months. The final design on display doesn’t appear to differ from the depiction in Google’s video for Android Wear and images previously released by LG. It sports a rectangular watch face and there will be no buttons anywhere on the watch. And anyone who likes the idea of the Smartwatch but not the plastic strap that comes with it will be happy to know that it is changeable.

Even in the absence of a comprehensive spec sheet, with its lower price point than Samsung’s 2nd generation of Smartwatch devices, and in all probability the Moto 360 (Motorola’s first Smartwatch, also powered by Android Wear and due for release this summer) the LG G might find a wider and more receptive audience.

AndroidWear Smartwatch LG G

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