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Z4 Brings Start Menu to Android

Android Fenestration: A Start Menu and More on Sony’s New Xperia Z4

Familiarity is King

Oh, Windows. Despite your flaws, your imperfections, your tendency to crash just when we need you most, some of us just can’t seem to live without you. We’re used to your quirks, your command placements, your silly recycle bin. (It’s not really recycling, Windows. Come on.) Oh, we like Android just fine on our mobile devices, but Windows, we wish we could quit you.

Fortunately, companies like Sony understand the strange siren song of Microsoft’s PC operating system. Windows fans will be pleased to learn that on Sony’s brand new Xperia Z4 tablet, several Windows-esque features have been added to the OS. Really! You no longer have to choose between Windows and Android — you can have both.

A Windows-Lollipop Hybrid

The Z4 runs Android Lollipop; this isn’t a Windows RT tablet. However, there’s a start menu a la Windows. There’s also a recent apps window, as well as a task bar with app shortcuts, the latter of which can be customised. All of these adjustments to the OS will make users who are accustomed to Windows happy because they won’t have to break any habits. Using this tablet will, for Windows users, feel as comfortable as an old cosy sweater.

What’s more, Windows users who have been hesitant to use an Android device will find Lollipop (on the Z4, at least) a lot more appealing. The OS that runs on the Z4 is like the Swirly Whirly of operating systems: Lollipop plus bubblegum. Err…Windows features. Lollipop plus Windows features.

Will Customers Like It?

Surely, average Windows users will appreciate the familiar functionality of the Windows additions. Linux fans who appreciate the open platform of the Android OS, however, may find the Windows similarities discouraging. And Apple users? They’ve probably got iPads, so they probably won’t use a Sony Xperia Z4 (or Android device for that matter) anyway.

The Z4 was first announced a few weeks ago in Barcelona at the 2015 Mobile World Congress. It’s expected to be on sale this summer, and it will be fun to watch the response to these Android additions.

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