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AMPL: On Your Back, On the Go

The Big Tangle

Students, road warriors, people always on the go: lend me your ears. You’ll want to learn about a possible improvement on the bag in which you carry all of your devices. You know the one. Your laptop, tablet, and phone are all thrown in there, almost out of power, banging against one another on top of a jumble of charging cords. When you need to charge one of them, you pull it out of the bag, but which charger is the right one? Good luck untangling that mess; better luck finding a place to plug in.

Really, it was only a matter of time before this issue was addressed with a single app-enabled product, wasn’t it? Weary, travelling tech heads saving up your last bit of power for a last round of texting: take heart. The AMPL smart backpack is here.


Carry, Charge, Protect

You’ve got stuff, and the AMPL can hold it. Devices, books, that granola bar you’re saving for a snack — it can all go inside. Need to charge your tablet, your phone, your laptop, or all three? There’s a USB port in every pocket. Simply charge up the AMPL smart battery and you’re good to go. Worried about keeping your devices well-protected? No worries: the AMPL has shock absorbers plus a water-resistant coating on its fabric.

The AMPL is a lovely blend of engineering and product design, and its app offers a slew of helpful features. You can check power levels, adjust charging priorities, and even get an alert if you’ve left your backpack in the classroom or airport lounge (or wherever).

Accolades, Cost, Availability

AMPL recently got lots of positive attention at CES 2015. It was named an Innovation Awards Honouree in two categories, and it earned three best-of awards. It’s also a true crowdfunding success, raising well over its goal of $125,000 USD in under two weeks.

Once available to the public, perhaps toward the end of 2015, this smart backpack is expected to retail for $300 USD. Yes, that’s a lot for a bag, but then, consider what you’d pay for a portable charging system plus protective cases plus a stylish backpack, and you probably aren’t that far off from the AMPL’s MSRP. Fulfilment to initial backers is expected to happen in September of 2015.

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