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Amazon Black Friday 2016 Deals - Wearables, Smart Home and More

Amazon Black Friday 2016 Deals – Wearables, Smart Home and More

Kickstart Your Shopping

The day after American Thanksgiving is, for all intents and purposes, the start of the holiday shopping season. This year, Amazon Black Friday falls on November 14 for the UK and November 25 for the US, and to entice customers to get started on their gift lists, just about every retailer on the planet offers incredible deals on a wide variety of products.

And we’re not talking just 10% or 20% off — these discounts are often more like 40% or 50%, and in some cases 70% and 80% off the retail prices of electronics, wearables, clothes, appliances, and more.

It’s proven to be a reliable way to get shoppers to start early, which gets retailers in the black for the year (hence a possible origin of the name Black Friday). However, Black Friday is good for consumers too, as they otherwise might leave their gift buying until the last possible minute and endure the stress and aggravation that goes along with such procrastination.

Amazon’s Black Friday

amazon black fridayOf course, gets in on the Black Friday action in a big way. In fact, this year, they won’t just have Black Friday — they’ll have Black Two Weeks, or really Black 13 Days. The world’s largest internet retailer had such a huge day on Black Friday 2015, with 74 million products sold in the UK alone, so you really can’t blame them for wanting to stretch it out as much as possible.

So, if you’re looking for some great Black Friday deals from Amazon, you’d better get started, because they start today, Monday, November 14, and run through Black Friday itself. There will be timed deals and priority deals for Prime customers, and maybe a few surprises along the way.

Bookmark these pages:

Visit the Amazon UK Black Friday page

Visit the Amazon US Black Friday page

What amazing Black Friday deals can you expect to find at Amazon? Well, unfortunately, the retailer is being relatively tight lipped about which products will be on sale and which ones won’t. However, based on some early deals, as well as last year’s trends, we can get a pretty good idea of what items you’ll be able to snag for a steal.

Read on, and we’ll tell you all about them.

1. Black Friday Fitness Wearables Deals

Amazon Black Friday 2016 Deals - Wearables, Smart Home and More

While you may not find huge discounts on more popular activity trackers like Fitbits, you can still bag a fitness wearable for less. Last year, for example, Amazon had the Sony fitness band for more than 50% off.

This year, it’s more slim pickings, but you’ll see some good deals for less popular models. A tracker from EFOSHM, for example, is already listed at 70% off.

2. Smartwatches

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Similarly, Amazon had recent versions of the Sony smartwatch for 30% off. While the big name smartwatches might not be on this year’s list of deals, lesser known smartwatches are. You’ll find an EFOSHM smartwatch for an amazing 75% off, as well as a Yarrashop one for 60% off.Plus, you’ll find some Apple Watch accessories, including watch bands, on the list as well.

3. Smart Home

nest cam featureAmazon’s early deals don’t include many smart home components. There are a few smart security cameras from manufacturers like Amcrest, MiSafes, and IdeaNext, but not much else so far. Keep checking back, though, as new smart home components could pop up in one of their timed deals.

4. Virtual Reality

Amazon Black Friday 2016 Deals - Wearables, Smart Home and More

You can expect to see some discounts on lower-end VR headsets on Amazon this Black Friday season. There are already good discounts on headsets by Turata, Vox, and Potok. Check Amazon to see if other products get added to the list.

5. Photography & Camera

Amazon Black Friday 2016 Deals - Wearables, Smart Home and More

Amazon has a few deals that will appeal to photographers, most notably a promotion that gives you up to £125 cash back when you buy select Fujifilm cameras and lenses.

Photo accessories like lens cleaning tools, lighting stands, external flashes, filters, and tripods are on sale for half price. Plus, you’ll find some quadcopter drones at more than 30% off, along with GoPro accessories and cases, plus other action cameras (like one from Topop).

6. Gaming & Smart Toys

Amazon Black Friday 2016 Deals - Wearables, Smart Home and MoreIn 2015, the Nintendo Wii was the big steal on Amazon at £239, more than £70 off the retail price.

No deals of that magnitude have been posted just yet, but you can expect to see some price cuts on consoles, games, and accessories. Also look for deals on gaming headsets, and limited deals on EA Access and Xbox Live memberships have already been posted.

7. Televisions & Music

black friday televisionTVs are always a hot items on Black Friday, and this year is no exception. Look for savings of at least 30% on both HDTVs and 4k smart TVs.

Amazon already has models by LG and Blaupunkt on sale, and products from other manufacturers are bound to follow. As for music, check out great deals like 45% off Bang & Olufsen B&O play earbuds and Sennheiser over ear headphones for 36% off.

Beyond that, Amazon is offering 30% off all karaoke machines, and lots of mini bluetooth speakers are on the deals list as well.

Amazon Products

kindle fire tablet deal black fridayCurrently, there are very minor price cuts on the big name products that bear the retailer’s name; we’re talking not much more than £5 off.

However, on Black Friday itself, it would certainly be a good idea to check for bigger discounts on Amazon’s Kindle line, as well as their Fire tablets, Fire TV stick, and Echo and Dot smart speakers.

If last year’s discounts are any indication, bigger price cuts are coming.

Shop Early, Shop Often

Keeping up with the latest deals during Amazon’s Black Friday extravaganza can be a challenge. You can continually check what’s on sale on the site’s Black Friday page:

Bookmark these pages:

Visit the Amazon UK Black Friday page

Visit the Amazon US Black Friday page

Though you may want to sign up for Amazon’s deals newsletter to get sale information right in your inbox. It’s also a good idea to follow on both Twitter and Facebook for the latest deal details.

What’s more, Amazon gives some deals and some priority access to Prime members. If you’re not a paid Prime member, now is the perfect time to take advantage of Amazon’s free 30 day trial of its Prime service. If you sign up immediately, you’ll be a priority customer for lots of great deals and enjoy free shipping. You’ll just want to make sure you cancel your trial membership before 30 days are up, or you’ll be charged the full annual price of £79.

Good luck shopping Amazon’s Black Friday sales! The next two weeks are the ideal time for finding great gifts for everyone on your list — and maybe a few things for yourself as well.

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