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Alexa and Cortana

Alexa Swipes Right On Cortana for Perfect Match

“Why can’t we be friends?” sang War in 1975. Clearly, Jeff Bezos must be a big fan of racially diverse funk. He’s followed their advice and teamed up with Microsoft to turn Alexa and Cortana into firm friends. From now on, if you own one of these digital assistants, then you can instantly summon up the other just by asking.

Just what is the point of this? Well, if you’ve used either digital assistant, you’ll know that they both have their own strengths. Alexa is more geared towards activities like shopping and controlling your smart home. What else would you expect from a digital assistant from Amazon? On the other hand, Cortana is more of an office assistant, helping schedule meetings and reminders to keep you on track at work. Again, very on-brand from Microsoft!

By integrating the two, Amazon and Microsoft are playing off each others’ strengths. Instead of using Cortana in the office and Alexa at home, you can do everything in the one place. Now, you can keep tabs on your work calendar and buy a bottle of gin to get you through a tough week- all at once!

One thing to point out, though: this integration isn’t available in the UK just yet (boo). For now, it’s a US-only feature. That being said, the rollout is still very much in its open-beta phase. Neither Microsoft or Amazon have been able to provide any real answers about how the setup will work in practise. Instead, they’re relying on users to just try it out for themselves and report back on how they get on. Hopefully this will mean that by the time the feature hits the UK, all the bugs should have been ironed out.

What do you think about this latest move? Looking forward to trying it out for yourself? Feeling sorry for Siri getting left out in the cold? Let us know in the comments below!

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