AirDog: Loyal Video Drone

Bird’s Eye View, Starring You

Exterior. A rugged trail along of a cliff. Fade up to an overhead shot of YOU, looking fierce in riding gear, racing along the edge of a mountain. CAMERA FOLLOWS above you as we see the rough rocky precipice on your right and the rolling sea below on your left. DRAMATIC MUSIC fades up as you take the sharp right turn and TITLE (LIFE IS AWESOME!) is superimposed over the shot. Let’s face it: in the movie of your life, this is how it should begin. Maybe it’s not cycling — maybe it’s skateboarding or surfing or football or even parcour — but whatever it is, you’d like to see yourself in action from high above the earth. Up until recently, to get this point of view, you would have had to hire a helicopter and camera operator. Now, however, getting this shot is considerably easier, thanks to AirDog.

Get The Shot!

airdog-7AirDog is a small drone with camera mounts; it can hold either a GoPro or a Sony Action Cam. When connected wirelessly to the companion AirLeash — a small controller meant to be worn on the wrist — the AirDog will follow along in the sky and record overhead video. The AirDog can also be synced with a companion app and programmed to hover, circle, and more, with more following options becoming available soon.

Whether you’re coming or going, the AirDog drone is totally portable. It folds up for easy storage in a backpack or bag, and it weighs in at under 2 kg. The only thing that’s less than impressive about it is its battery life — a maximum of just 20 minutes.

Buy the AirDog Drone — If You’re Serious

The AirDog is cool, but it’s also pretty expensive. Its preorder price was £860, while its full retail price is running closer to £995. If you’re serious about extreme videos of extreme sports, though, this is a one-of-a-kind product that will yield one-of-a-kind shots. It’s shipping in early 2016.

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