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Adult Virtual Reality Apps 2017 - Revolutionizing The Genre
Adult Virtual Reality Apps – Revolutionizing The Genre

Adult Virtual Reality Apps 2017 – Revolutionizing The Genre

Adult virtual reality apps are turning dreams of millions of men and women true. Everyone on the sly wanted a way they can go about adult stuff secretly and right about anywhere – not behind a screen in the living room. Guess what? The beautiful technology came about and gave us more than we asked for. Now you can watch adult content without letting anyone in on whatever is going on however close they are, and better yet in a way that you are part of the experience.

Have you tried the adult VR apps yourself? Well, I know there are those folks who just won’t try anything until someone proves to them it is worth their time. I will be that person in this article.

Make sure you leave your comment at the bottom of the page and tell us what you think about adult games for virtual reality and which one you think the whole world needs to know about.

Please note: some links within this article are tagged (NSFW) and lead to explicit content – you had been warned

Adult VR Apps – Where Can I Find Them?

Adult Virtual Reality Apps, adult vr appsAssuming you know the difference between ordinary adult apps and those designed specifically for virtual reality headsets, you can bet it was never going to be easy to find them on Google Play store. At least not so soon, since the first successful virtual reality headset hit the market.

So I hit the Play Store in my Android phone, all set to find an app with an “18+” warning and “virtual reality” or “VR” appended somewhere in their names. I did my search, and boom! A whole page full of adult content for VR. I tried out a few – whose names I can’t remember for reasons you will get to know in a moment – and, well they weren’t really as exciting as I had expected in my VR headset.

Yes, they were not any bit kid-friendly but then I wouldn’t rate them as strictly for adults. Then, like a bolt from the blue, it hit me that these frustrating adult virtual reality games were on Google Play (where everyone could find them) for a reason. Sure, something that lets you speak to members of the opposite sex in their beachwear in real time can’t be tolerated if it gets on the wrong audience.

I knew there were better, more explicit options elsewhere!

Exit Google Play.

Enter Google.

The Search Continues..

I decided to search directly on the search engine to see if I can find adult virtual reality apk’s.

I’m not going to tell you how many install-and-delete moments I inflicted on myself but at least I found a few reliable games – some ready-to-install and others in development – on developers’ websites.

I will tell you about them (and where/how to install them) later in the article so you don’t go guess-searching like me. Just in case you’re dying to install one, though, MiKandi (NSFW) can be a good place to start. The only problem is that the VR category is still under-stocked, finding games being even harder. You will actually find less than a dozen of them here, and most of them are just not as erotic as you would want.

How to Use Virtual Reality Apps

Just like ordinary apps and games, adult VR projects come from different developers based on different premises. The one thing common with them is that they are more intimate than ever even though some of them had been developed initially as ordinary 2D applications. The life-like experience of a half-nude woman/man – that you have put yourself out to undress – leaning in to hug or kiss you with the prospect of undressing them further if you work harder in the offing, makes the adult VR games a couple rounds better than their ordinary versions.

So, these games sport varying premises and plots, and will interest different individuals differently. Most of them however are contrived to make it more intimate and interesting as you move on, open new levels, make in-app purchases and beat earlier scores. You will find yourself in better virtual environments, for instance, with better women and greater “powers” as you move on.

Just don’t expect to have real sex though.

Launching and playing these games is not any complicated; they are just more graphic. The only problem, that I experienced more than a few times, was loading new levels and videos. The experience is still a bit laggy and buggyand totla immersion takes a hit.

Categories of Adult VR Apps

The apps available currently offer three categories of adult content: still photos, real people videos and simulators. They work very differently and offer different modes of enjoying adult content. The problem, I’ll repeat, is that there is very limited content out there.

The most popular category of adult VR apps offer simulated experiences. In other words, it’s the most demanded by adult content obsessives as it offers a more immersive experience that is exclusive to this type of technology. Albeit underdeveloped, the category is still quite interesting and promises variety in the foreseeable future, judging from its growth curve thus far.

The video category comes in two main formats: full blown porn and live chats with women/men. An app called offers live chats in a lifelike set of virtual landscapes that are just as interesting as the women/men in them giving a show.

Full blown pornography is difficult to find through apps. Instead you have to visit the developers’ or designated websites to download them directly to your phone. SideloadVR can be quite useful in this case; it enables you to save the videos in VR-viewable formats. You can find the videos on sites such as (NSFW) – which I reckon has no match yet, although there is a paywall.

What the Future of Adult Virtual Reality Apps Holds

Virtual reality technology is definitely growing and so is the industry. While commonplace ideas have not been fully exploited yet, I expect developers to focus more on improving what we already have than look for more plots. Reason being, they are not perfect yet. We would want to see less buggy versions of these apps and of course better quality graphics, pictures, videos etc.

Perhaps in a few years or even months we will be able to play and compete online (I just don’t know how) with real-life players but that will be all worthless if we can’t do it smoothly.

What I expect to trigger improvements in the space is the fact that awareness (of what people have been missing) is increasing by day. With demand, the best developer will definitely take the market, but competitors will want to have a share too. That will theoretically elicit brainwaves and fierce competitions. We all know who the beneficiary is when producers go head-on: the consumers. The Apple Inc. vs. Samsung rivalry is a case in point.

Right now there are plenty of lip-smacking ideas on the stocks from various developers across the planet, but their fruition isn’t exactly a sure thing. We are still somewhat in the testing phase of this fantastic technology but hopefully in one year we would have found that one developer who will lay the blueprint for the rest to base really exciting adult projects on.

Are Adult Apps in Their Current State Worth It?

There are different types of apps out there, and all of them offer varying satisfaction (no pun intended) levels, thanks greatly to the technology sophistication needed to create each.

Games are among the least developed currently but quite a leapfrog has taken place since the very entry point projects hit the market late in 2014 and early last year. What we have been seeing however is the complexity of the games increase rather than the technology itself and how it is integrated in the apps for a better experience. I think the latter is what we need more right now because smoothness is what defines immersive apps the most.

That’s not to say that these adult VR games are a waste of time though. There is definitely a huge demand and the market is making its move. Don’t expect anything mind-blowing yet, but don’t expect to go back to your old mobile apps once you try this.

Examples of Adult Virtual Reality Games

1. Happy Biting

Like the name suggests, the adult VR game has everything to do with biting. The player’s goal is to travel back into the 21st century to obtain blood from women for DNA samples in a bid to save the world.

Travelling as a mosquito, you will be awarded points for biting women while avoiding mosquito-repelling incense and pesticides. There are bonus points in form of virtual coins for targeting and biting sensitive parts such as breasts which you will later use to unlock new outfits and poses as you qualify.

2. Club VixXxen

How much do you love strip clubs? Very much? Well, Otium VR (NSFW) through their virtual reality game Club VixXen will soon bring one to your living room. The game is still in development, but is expected to be out sooner rather than later.

Available for Oculus Rift only, Club VixXxen prompts you to enter a high security mafia building in the middle of the city with a strip club hidden somewhere inside.

Your goal is to find the strip club and have a free show before the guards find you. It is quite action packed too, so action buffs can also fit in.

3. La Douche VR

La Douche VR is a game available for both Oculus Rift and Vive that lets you take a walk in a room with a woman taking a shower in real-life-like settings. The only difference between the character and your real woman at home is that the former cannot see you because you are invisible.

Ever heard of “dance like nobody is looking”? Now imagine “bathe like nobody is looking”.

That’s what on the stocks for you. New developments of the game have enabled interaction with the model and release is on the horizon.

4. Honey Select VR

If you are an adult game buff, you have probably heard about Japanese developer Illusion Software, who are famous for Sex Beach and Playclub – which is already VR-enabled – among other games.

Honey Select VR is their latest product, and although the game is not crafted entirely for your Rift or HTC Vive, it was clearly in their mind when they developed it. Their demo flaunts some good-looking character models and has a hint of snootiness compared to their previous works.

5. Playclub

Playclub is a product of the developers of Honey Select VR, and, albeit seemingly less feature-packed than its successor, it sports quite a number of features that make it interesting in its way.

One of them is a very crazy and naughty storyline, which you wouldn’t want to abandon in the middle. Another one is the large pool of customisation options and tens of model characters whom you can choose to view in POV mode or just as an observer. It’s compatible with both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.


Virtual Reality was heavily expected to go full-blown in 2016 and 2017 as sales of VR kits took an accelerating upsurge during the last quarter of 2015. The adult content industry was expected to be among the markets to adopt the technology.

What we didn’t expect though, is the rate to be this slow. Perhaps we are going to reach the next level if we give it another year at most, with the hopes that the increasing awareness and demand will prompt developers to come up with better apps.

While there are no fully polished products in the game right now, my experience with the available virtual reality apps for adults is like nothing I have seen before. Some developers have managed to offer more quality than others, while others are still in the kitchen trying to get a share of the market themselves. For now let’s enjoy what is available and hope the game changer turns up soon.

Feel free to put in your two cents’ worth in the comment section below.
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