3 fun appcessories for families

The modern world is demanding and parents often have to rely on technology to keep their children entertained so need to compete with computer games consoles, candy crusher, etc when they are free to spend some quality time together as a family. Advances in the field of appcessories has resulted in some truly innovative and exciting new ways to join together as a family and spend some quality time together:

1. Sphero

Sphero is an incredibly “smart” robotic ball that you control with your smartphone or tablet. And in addition to the mesmerising tricks and game play that can entertain for hours on end; there are some really cool multiplayer apps that offer something different for the whole family:

Pass the sphero

Insanely simple but addictive game, which transforms the ball into a ticking time bomb, that will explode (not literally) at any time between 5 and 60 seconds. Every second played equals points and the longer a player holds on the more points per second he gets. Then, if it hasn’t exploded, shake Sphero once and quickly pass it to the next player. Keep playing like this until Sphero blows! The player left holding Sphero loses his points for that round. The next player starts the next round. The first player to reach the selected target wins!


Sphero flashes different colours and you must pick him up at the right time to earn points. Set point goals, select levels of difficulty, and compete other players and the clock to see who has the best reflexes.

2. iPieces

The specially designed iPieces are a fun way of bringing games to life on the iPad with special effects that bring characters to life when placed on the Touchscreen. For older children (or adults) why not transform your iPad into a mini pool table, by using the iCues to knock the balls into the pockets. An ideal accessory for family holidays; iPieces are the perfect travelling companion that enables you to play such classics, as “Snakes & Ladders” with snakes that slither over the board) or enoy a fast-paced game of “Air Hockey” with realistic sound effects.

3. Life of George

Life of George
Voted the number one toy of all time, Lego is a toy that can be enjoyed by all ages; and Life of George is an innovative new interactive game that combines LEGO bricks with your smartphone. The idea of the game is to compete against the clock and other players to build the presented image, and then capture your model with your iPhone/iPod or Android camera to get scored on your building skills.

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