10 Alternate Uses of the Selfie Stick

The Stick, Re-imagined

By now, you’ve probably seen someone using a selfie stick. Maybe you’ve even used one yourself. They definitely are convenient for taking selfies from a decent distance, helping you avoid the big-nosed look and showing off at least a little of your surroundings. But you have to wonder what it says about our narcissistic tendencies when the most popular photography-related accessory does little more than help us take photos of ourselves.

Selfie sticks aren’t popular with everyone, either. In recent months, we’ve seen them banned from football matches, concerts, and museums, and surely more bans are on the way. But that’s OK: there are other things you can do with a selfie stick besides take pictures of yourself. Besides, making that faux fierce face as you stare into your camera’s tiny lens from four feet away gets boring? Try one of these uses instead.

1. Make it a monopod. Professional photographers use monopods to help them steady their camera during sporting events and other fast-shutter photography situations. Instead of holding your selfie stick out and giving yourself Popeye arms, put the end on the ground and reduce your motion blur in photos of (gasp) other things.

2. Mimic a drone shot. Photography drones cost big bank, but you can replicate their bird’s eye view shots (to some degree) with a selfie stick. Just hold it up and shoot the landscape.

3. It makes a great periscope. Ever wonder what the back of the refrigerator looks like? How about the undercarriage of your car? Using a selfie stick will give you access to these places.

4. Can be used as a crutch. Let’s say you’re out taking selfies and you suddenly twist your ankle. Remove your camera or phone from your selfie stick, and you’ve got a great cane.

5. Works in place of a broken or out of reach remote. If you can’t be bothered to get up to change the channels on the TV, reach out with your selfie stick to hit the buttons.

6. Fix a wobbly table. Somewhere in your home, there’s probably a table that just doesn’t hold still. The telescoping nature of a selfie stick can turn it into exactly the right length to replace that short leg.

7. Extra space for hanging clothes. Your closet’s probably full, isn’t it? Keep all of the clothes you wear in your selfies looking clean and pressed by hanging them on your selfie stick. You’ll have to secure it somewhere first, possibly between the backs of two chairs. If the stick has enough tension, in a doorway will work too.

8. Makes a good telescoping broomstick. Broomsticks are never the right length! They’re either too tall and you get batted in the face with the end, or they’re too short and sweep hunched over. With a selfie stick in place of a regular broomstick, you’ll always have the right length for sweeping.

9. Hang curtains. You’re not taking selfies when you’re sleeping (because really, if “bae” caught you “slippin,” “bae” did not use a selfie stick), and you want to get your room as dark as possible. Use your selfie stick as a curtain rod at night.

10. Glaze lots of doughnuts at once. It’s the traditional way to do it: thread half a dozen freshly-baked doughnuts on your selfie stick, then dip in glaze to get an even coating.

Lots of people think the selfie stick is a uni-tasker, but we disagree. True, all of these uses may not be photo-related, but that’s OK! When you invest in a selfie stick, you invest in a versatile tool that has many practical applications in your home.

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